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Backup programs are needed to keep your app data, files, documents, photos and videos safe and sound. Check the rating of the best backup programs for android.

Backup programs are often cloud storage services (such as Google Disk, Dropbox, and others). Usually in such programs you can set up automatic data backups (for example, on certain days of the week, once a week, once every two weeks, etc.).

You can set up background downloads, wi-fi only downloads, and other types. You can back up files and transfer large archives and files that weigh a lot on their own. Backup programs keep your data safe and secure.

The basic functionality of backup programs:

  • copying of all documents, files, photos and videos, application data;
  • automatic data backup;
  • secure data storage;
  • ability to back up your data, organize files into folders, and transfer large files.

Check the rating of the best data backup programs and forget about unexpected loss of your documents forever!

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Helium is a well-known and very useful Android app. It is designed to back up your information as well as synchronize your applications.

With this program you will be able to back up everything that you have on your android: files, applications, photos, videos. With Helium you can be sure that your files won't go anywhere, won't be deleted accidentally, because you will always have a backup that you can recreate at any time. The program copies your material to your memory card or cloud storage (your choice). It supports the most popular cloud storage services: Google Drive and Dropbox.

If you want to completely reset all the settings on your android, but want to keep your files, documents, photos, app data, Helium is ideal to help you do that. It guarantees the security of your data.


    • Easy management
    • No root rights required
    • Cloud storage connection
    • Automatic backups


    • Limited backup options
    • Long backup times for individual applications

Cloud storage is deservedly popular among both advanced web users and newcomers. The Mail.Ru Cloud platform not only allows you to save free storage space on your mobile device, but also to access personal free storage at the user's convenience.


    • Easy to use
    • Keeps your files safe and sound
    • Supports large numbers of files
    • Free space
    • Multiple access levels

For mobile device users, the memory consumption of the mobile gadget is important, with insufficient system resources, the productivity of the device decreases significantly. The MEGASync application provides 50GB of free storage for personal documents, and if necessary, the size of the cell can be increased for an additional fee.


    • Free 50 GB of storage in the cloud
    • High security
    • Secret chat
    • Easy to use

What makes OneDrive an attractive option for consumers in a world filled with cloud storage options? It has many useful features, which we'll talk about later, but the main advantage is the level of integration between the manufacturer's products. Services like Office, Skype, OneNote and Outlook are integrated into the OneDrive platform. This allows you to create documents and make team calls without leaving OneDrive.

If you use office tools like Word and Excel, you'll appreciate the ability to create and edit documents directly in OneDrive, which automatically saves those files in the cloud. Getting access to these productivity tools makes OneDrive ideal for students and professionals alike.


    • Quickly open and save files from OneDrive in Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
    • Easily find photos with automated tagging
    • Get notified when someone else edits a shared document
    • Share albums with your favorite photos and videos
    • Open the files you need most off-line


    • Small storage capacity

Acronis Cyber Protect is a mobile app that is designed to back up photos, contacts, videos and contacts from mobile devices. You can consolidate all your data in one app.


    • Data protection
    • Ability to use multiple devices
    • User-friendly interface
    • Large cloud size


    • The version is only paid. You won't even be able to try it without a subscription

Dropbox is the official app for the service of the same name. With it you can access all the files in your Dropbox account and synchronize them with your Android device.

Here you can import account files from the Dropbox app, upload photos directly after taking a photo, share links to content from various channels (messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to manage your account files and much more.


    • Documents are uploaded to the cloud in the background
    • Lots of features to make working with documents and storing them easier
    • Access to all files from your account
    • Sending large files
    • Fast conversion of receipts, documents and different notes to PDF files
    • Smart device synchronization


    • Long download time for large files
    • No in-house applications for office work

MediaFire is essential for a complete and easy-to-use cloud service that works with digital data and saved folders. With this application, the user has access to their data at any time without being tied to a location.

It is used on portable Android devices, providing up to 50 GB of free online space. MediaFire allows access to documents, photos and video files from anywhere in the world where there is mobile Internet or Wi-Fi network. With this app, storing, organizing and sharing your personal data is safe and easy.


    • Saves important documents and data
    • Capture and download photos and videos from the android app
    • Upload photos from Android gallery
    • Create and manage file folders
    • Share files via email, SMS and other programs and share links


    • Slow error correction
    • Storage is only 12 GB in the free version

While it may not be the best platform for those who need increased security or continuous backups, Google Drive has quickly become one of the best cloud collaboration tools. It allows you to store important documents and creative work in a feature-rich online environment, allowing you to share and collaborate with others as you see fit.


    • Store documents in a safe place and open them on any device
    • Quickly find recently opened files
    • Share files and folders with others
    • Quickly browse your content
    • View your file information and history
    • Scan printed documents with the camera on your device


    • Not much room

Despite the technological sophistication of mobile devices, they are not immune to operating system failures, mechanical failures and simply loss. But in order to save all important information, personal photos, videos, scanned documents and favorite music tracks it is enough to use the cloud storage G Cloud, which is designed specifically for gadgets running on the Android operating system.


    • Back up endless contacts and more to secure cloud storage
    • Easily transfer to other devices and expand your memory by saving everything to the cloud
    • Organize your memories in a timeline and go back in time to view
    • Share your past and present with ease

The program gives you access to, a free cloud storage service. You can upload media files, applications, documents, etc. to the hosting service. The service not only stores, but also allows you to listen to music, watch videos, and download files. The only prerequisite is the availability of the Internet.


    • 15GB of free space
    • multiple downloads at once
    • you can share direct download links
    • built-in antivirus
    • password protect folders
    • watch video and listen to music online


    • after 180 days of no action (e.g. logging into your account) without a paid subscription the files will be deleted
    • maximum file size per file is 2048 MB
    • adware display
    • files deleted from recycle bin can be restored only by paid subscribers