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The application for measuring movement speed on a phone allows tracking the speed of movement during walking, running, driving a car, and other modes of transportation (including water-based). The user aims to find the most functional option with a convenient interface.


    • Use of offline map cards;
    • Correct functioning on almost all versions of Android;
    • Saving data on all trips;
    • Ability to pause and resume changes;
    • No need for internet connection to work (as long as you stay within the speed limit);
    • The driver is promptly informed about changes in altitude;
    • Ability to monitor average and maximum speed, as well as fuel consumption;
    • Notification about weather conditions in the region of location;
    • Speed measurement modes switch to "Movement" mode;
    • The charger can be connected at any time.


    • The connection to the satellite is sometimes established not on the first try;
    • There are occasional "commercial breaks;"
    • The speed of movement is not always accurate.