About Us

The software portal ODVme.com has been in operation since 2020. During this time we have managed to develop from a small site where you can just download files, to a full service with a personal account, the ability to leave reviews, and most importantly download verified software. 

We have set ourselves the task to provide users with only popular programs and games, so you may think that our catalog is not so large. On our site we place only free programs and games.

How the site works

If you have any problems with the site or have any suggestions and comments, please leave your messages through the feedback form. We read all messages.

Working at the site

If you are interested in the theme of programs, applications or games and you want to tell about your experience and earn money while doing it, then don't hesitate to write us, we will find an interesting part-time job for you: writing reviews, instructions for working with software, game playthrough, game reviews and so on. We wait your messages through feedback form with subject "Looking for job".

Advertising and press releases

If you have any questions about advertising, please use the feedback form with the topic "Advertising". We do not take all in a row, we answer only potentially interesting advertisers.

Information for copyright holders

All materials on our site we take from public sources. All such trademarks, game, program and company names, logos and content are the property of their respective owners.

If you believe that the site violates copyrights, please contact us via the feedback form with the subject line "Copyright Violation".