FAQ - answers to popular questions

Below we have compiled a list of questions about our site. All questions are compiled based on feedback from users.

Registration and Authorization

1. How can I register on the site?
2. How to restore access to the site?
3. How to delete my account on the site?

Downloading files

1. What is the password for the archive?
2. Where to find downloaded files?
3. I found a technical error on the website.

If you encounter errors while using the website, if you are unable to download files, or if you experience errors during file installation, please let us know by sending a message to Email: [email protected]. In your message, please specify the page where the error occurred or the name of the malfunctioning program.

4. I would like to make a suggestion for improving the website.

If you have suggestions for improving our website or ideas for expanding our catalog, please write to us in any format and send them to Email: [email protected]

5. When attempting to install .apk or .xapk files, I see a notification that the file may threaten the security of the device.

You can ignore this notification. This is a standard security procedure in Android. The Android operating system warns users when installing applications from third-party sources to protect them from possible malicious software. All files uploaded to our site are checked by antivirus.