Where to find downloaded files

Depending on the operating system, the actions to search for files may differ. Below we will consider the options of where to search for downloaded files in Windows or Android.

Where to find downloaded files in Windows

When you download files in Windows, they are usually saved to the Downloads folder unless you have specified another location to save them. Here's how you can find this folder:

  1. Through Windows Explorer:
    • Open Windows Explorer (you can press Win + E on your keyboard).
    • In the left sidebar, find "Quick Access" or "This PC".
    • Select "Downloads."
  2. Through the Start menu:
    • Click the Start button (or the Windows key on your keyboard).
    • Type "Downloads" and select the appropriate folder.
  3. Search via the address bar:
    • Press Win + R to bring up the Run window.
    • Type %Downloads% and press Enter. This will automatically open the Downloads folder.

Remember that where files are saved can be changed in your browser settings, so if you don't find files in the Downloads folder, it's worth checking your browser settings or looking for files in other places you may have used to save.

Where to find downloaded files in Android

To find downloaded files on your Android device, follow the steps below:

  1. Using a file manager:
    • Open the Files app or a similar file manager on your device.
    • Navigate to the Downloads folder. This is usually located in the root directory or in the "Internal Storage" / "Internal Storage" folder.
  2. Via browser:
    • Open the browser you used to download the files.
    • Find the "History" or "Downloads" menu. Depending on your browser, this may be in the settings menu or a separate icon.
    • Under "Downloads" you will see a list of downloaded files. Tap on a file to open it, or to see where it's saved.
  3. Through notifications:
    • If you've recently downloaded a file, you can find a download notification in the notification bar. Just swipe down from the top of the screen.
    • Tap on the download notification and it will open the file or redirect you to your Downloads folder.

If you have multiple file managers installed or use an SD card, check the Downloads folders in both internal memory and SD card.