To Copyright Holders and the DMCA

The specifics of our work is that the content of the portal is added mainly by users. Therefore, in case someone has suddenly posted materials that violate your rights, write to us at: [email protected].

Let us know the names of the objects and links to the publications that violate your copyright or other rights, and we will remove the unwanted content within one day, and in addition prohibit its publication in the future.

To confirm authorship, please provide appropriate documents or send a letter from the mail address listed as a contact address in the application or on its official pages.

Report a suspicious file

We circle-check all files posted on our site via Virustotal service, additionally use our own algorithms to check security, remove dangerous files from the site and display a notification before downloading suspicious files. However, sometimes there are situations when there are zero responses on a file but it behaves in an unhealthy way. Please report such cases to us immediately: [email protected].

Be sure to specify the name of the suspicious file and the link through which it was downloaded (if it survived) so that we can remove such files as soon as possible. Please remember that according to the rules of the site the user downloads the software at his own risk, the software on the site can be posted by other users and the administration does not pre-moderate the posted content.

If you want to keep your device as safe as possible we advise you to use only the latest versions of operating systems and not to download software from unreliable sources. We do our best to make as safe as possible, however, objectively we can't provide hundred-percent protection and give any guarantees. Timely informing us about suspicious files posted by users will help us make the site more secure.