Terms of Use

This agreement regulates the relationship between the Administration of the site "ODVme.com" and the individual who searches, distributes and receives information through the site "ODVme.com".

1. Parties of the agreement

The Administration of the information resource "ODVme.com", located on the domain odvme.com, hereinafter referred to as Administration, and a natural person who performs the search, distribution and obtaining of information with the help of this resource conclude the User Agreement, hereinafter referred to as Agreement, about the following:

2. Subject of Agreement

The Administration shall provide the user access to ODVme.com and the possibility to search at ODVme.com, receive from ODVme.com and put the following published materials at ODVme.com:

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

The user has the right:

The Administration has the right:

The user undertakes to:

The Administration undertakes:

4. Other conditions

5. Liability of the Parties

If the actions of the User lead to any claims from third parties, including in the field of copyright and related rights, all responsibilities and costs, such as: compensation of losses, damages, including moral damages, court costs, fines, costs resulting from the conclusion of settlements and other costs, including damages to business reputation, incurred by the Administration or third parties, the User assumes.

6. Term and conditions of the agreement

This agreement shall come into force either at the moment of registration of the User and providing him/her with an account, or at the moment of downloading the software or design themes posted at ODVme.com, whichever is earlier, and is effective for an indefinite period.

Administration reserves the right to unilaterally change the provisions of the Agreement, the User may be notified about the changes using the technical means of ODVme.com.

The current version of the agreement can be found at the following address: /terms-of-use.html.

This agreement includes the Privacy Policy, which defines the terms of processing any information about the User, which the Administration may receive in the process of using ODVme.com by the User.

Using ODVme.com means that the User unconditionally agrees to the terms of this Agreement. In case of disagreement with the specified conditions the User shall refrain from using ODVme.com.