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Google Photos is a convenient application for storing photos and videos. The main advantages and disadvantages to be aware of before installing.


    • There is no limit on the amount of storage. Such a feature is rare. But indeed, if you store files in compressed mode (photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p), there is no limit. If you do not want to compress photos, you get 16 GB for free, and you will have to pay extra for the rest
    • Ability to search the gallery. You can enter in the output line universal words: "sea", "sky", "food", or point to the photo of the desired person (or pet), and then enter his name. Auto-recognition of faces works practically without errors
    • Editing photos, its own set of effects. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of photos, make them more saturated or, conversely, blurred. Also has an auto-correction feature
    • The "Assistant" section, which allows you to automatically create collages and movies. Intelligence independently selects the best photos, processes them, and creates new animations
    • Duplicate detection and removal system. All uploaded photos are scanned and if identical photos are found among them the program will automatically delete the duplicate and leave only one photo
    • The ability to share photos on social networks directly from the application


    • File compression. Despite the fact that the quality of images even in compressed mode will be quite decent for the average user, a professional photographer, for example, will not be able to use the repository for free, because he requires the highest resolution
    • Limited functionality. There is no way to move photos from one album to another and rename them
    • Support for a limited number of files. Despite the fact that Google Photos is a cloud storage, it can only store photos and videos, you can not download archives, documents, music