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If you are tired of annoying ads on the Internet and various applications, check the rating of the best ad blockers for android.

Ad blockers exist to hide unwanted ads in your browser and applications, as well as pop-up links and windows. You only need to set all the necessary settings once, and you can forget about the hated ads forever!

Ad blockers keep you safe on the Internet. With them no strange links with viruses, requests for personal data, surveillance and hacking are not afraid of you! These programs will protect your data and prevent cybercriminals from stealing it. If you do click on a suspicious link, the program will show you a warning window. Some programs (e.g. WebGuard) hide the user's IP address when logging into the network.

In addition, such ad-blocking programs usually have "black" and "white" host lists. In the "black" list, you add those hosts from which you in no way want to see ads. And in the "white" list, you add those hosts from which you want to see ads.

The basic functionality of ad blocking apps:

  • Hide ads, block pop-ups and links, hacking from hackers and snooping;
  • save network traffic (because ad banners do not need to be loaded);
  • has a "black" and "white" list of hosts;
  • quick and easy installation an configuration of the program.

Ad blockers are essential for every phone user. Check the rating of the best ad blocker programs for android, try them and forget about intrusive ads, as well as surveillance and viruses forever!

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Tired of constant pop-up messages from online casinos, betting shops and all kinds of "yellow" press? To get rid of ads and enjoy surfing the Internet sites, you need to use third-party programs or special extensions for web browsers. In the case of laptops and personal computers, you can install extensions from official representatives of Google, Yandex and other developers in your web browsers. For mobile devices there is no such feature, but software developers have managed to transfer the functionality of desktop extensions to the interface of a simple program for Android. One such program is AdBlocker Ultimate.


    • Free and publicly available source code
    • Compatible with almost all popular browsers
    • Blocks all ads, hacking and spying


    • You can't whitelist safe sites

WebGuard is a special program that protects smartphones and tablets from various viruses. It does not require root rights to work because it uses a newly created technological VPN-gkanal in the device to control Internet traffic.

Downloading such an application is easy and simple. It is enough to choose the Android version and start downloading. Once installed, no special settings are needed. All tools work in automatic mode. The program is absolutely free to use.


    • Blocking malicious sites
    • Ad blocking
    • Traffic compression: saves download time and money on traffic
    • Hides user ID information
    • Advanced privacy mode
    • Encrypts data to protect your data on open Wi-Fi networks
    • Hides your real IP address when you access the internet


    • The program works on devices with Android version starting from 4.0.3

Internet surfing is inevitably accompanied by advertising clips, banners and links, all this consumes a sufficient amount of user time and reduces the performance of the mobile gadget. Specialized utility AdAway is designed to block unwanted content and does not require significant system resources of the user's device.


    • Creating white and black lists
    • Cleaning of Internet resources from ads
    • Easy to use


    • Requires a device with root rights

AdFree is a useful antivirus program for android to hide ad banners. The program blocks ads in the browser and other applications on your phone. AdFree is the very first and most famous ad blocking program for android.

With the help of AdFree program you will not have to worry about the safety of your surfing. You will not see strange links and images with viruses. There will also be no irritation from constant intrusive advertising. Another advantage is that it saves network traffic that could have been spent on constant loading of advertising images. The program has a very simple and user-friendly interface.


    • The program removes ads in your browser and other applications
    • It does this by removing requests from known hosts
    • Only for those with root access
    • Easy to use


    • Need to have root rights

    • No whitelist

Many browsers have ad blocking included in the basic functionality, but they can only remove open advertising plugins, and specialized software AdGuard has advanced capabilities to control unwanted plugins and external connections. The application is designed specifically for mobile devices, taking into account the system requirements and does not take a significant amount of memory, but when installing it is required to provide root - rights for further correct work.


    • Anti-Banner completely removes all advertising elements from web pages, including video ads
    • HTTPS filtering
    • Anti-Phishing protects your device from possible threats.
    • Two filtering modes: local VPN mode and local HTTP proxy mode.
    • Anti-tracking - protects from tracking your web browsing activity
    • Ad blocking in applications

Adblock Plus is a reliable ad blocker available for free download, installation and use. It blocks ad pages, blocks, notifications and malicious links. This app will make your Android information safer. The user chooses which sites will be blocked.


    • The app works even without Root rights
    • The app removes ads through both Wi-Fi and mobile communications
    • AdBlock Plus blocks all interfering and malicious pop-ups
    • User-friendly interface


    • Small number of settings and functions

When browsing news sites, social networks and video content, most of the Internet - traffic is consumed by advertising plug-ins, in addition, it is annoying and negatively affects the overall performance of your mobile device in the future. Specialized software NetGuard controls unwanted Internet connections and does not take much system resources of the gadget when installed.


    • Fully open source
    • Block website tracking
    • Ad blocking
    • Blocks traffic when the screen is turned off
    • Logging of traffic usage by applications

The issue of user privacy when working on the Internet is becoming more and more relevant. In addition to constant advertising links that waste user time and system resources of mobile devices, invisible surveillance is fraught with hacking of personal data, personal correspondence and data of payment systems.

Modern browser Firefox Focus allows you to fully protect the interests of the user and preserve the anonymity of being online.


    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Automatically blocks web trackers, without any settings
    • Easily erases your history - no passwords, cookies or trackers
    • Faster browsing without ads and with less data requirements
    • No bookmarks or tab management


    • Without superstructure support

A modern web browser must provide safe and fast Internet surfing, and Adblock Browser meets the most demanding needs of users. Designed to meet the technical requirements of mobile devices, the software is easy to install and does not take a lot of system resources of the gadget, and while working economically consumes battery power.


    • Ad blocking will increase the speed of loading websites, as well as significantly save battery power
    • Ads can not only annoy you, but also seriously damage your device
    • You can set up the program the way you want
    • You can block sites with viral activity
    • If you want to support your favorite website, you can disable the blocking for this particular site


    • Instability