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In today's technological world, almost everyone knows how to use a smartphone, as it has become an inherent need. At least among young people for sure. Most of you are likely to receive spam in the form of unwanted calls and text messages from intrusive companies or unknown numbers. This often causes aggression and stress. After all, few people take it easy when your smartphone receives calls from unwanted numbers or receives spam in the form of SMS. For example, you want to spend a quiet evening in the company of friends or family, and not constantly respond to calls from intrusive companies, promoting their activities.

They have to be blocked, and this does not save you, because the calls start coming from other numbers. In this case, you should resort to a call blocker, which in modern times is one of the most necessary utilities. This application is designed specifically for the purpose of blocking spam. The only thing you need to do is to give it commands for the course of action. The application asks the user for permission and is ready to go. The utilities offered below are some of the best Android call blocking apps. They can also serve other purposes, such as tracking the user's actions on RAM power consumption, blocking the smartphone screen, as well as protecting the owner's personal data. Especially relevant applications for young people, it is worth resorting to them.

All Call Blockers in rating

Key Messages is an application that blocks communication with unknown contacts, spam and ads. The free version of the program assumes limited functions. The user can't block advertising mailings, back up messages, or prohibit incoming messages from unknown numbers.


    • One of the strongest spam blockers
    • User-friendly interface and pleasant design. Availability of "dark theme", which is pleasant to the eye and convenient at night
    • Dual SIM card support
    • High performance


    • There are errors in translation

Call Blacklist is a mobile app that blocks incoming calls and messages to its built-in blacklist according to the parameters you set (don't skip calls only or messages too). It helps to get rid of annoying acquaintances and advertisers, persistently distracting with constant reminders about themselves.


    • Easy to use
    • Low resource consumption
    • One-click locking on/off
    • Flexible settings
    • Blocked calls and SMS notifications can be disabled in settings
    • Block unknown and hidden numbers
    • Blocked calls and messages log
    • Blocking phone numbers by first digits only (option "Starts with...")
    • Possibility to block all incoming calls and SMS

Hiya is a contact blocker for contacts from which mass advertising, viruses or spam calls are sent. Detection is performed directly from the developer's database. If the phone is registered in an emergency, the call is blocked. The Hiya app is free and offers a number of additional features.


    • Automatic blocking of spam calls
    • Information about the real number of incoming calls
    • Sending out spam notifications in case of fraud detection
    • Reliable protection against viruses and spam
    • Easy contact management
    • Totally free app
    • Ability to add names and addresses from Hiya to your mobile phonebook

The constant updating of the technical features of the user's mobile device also affects the area of call and text message management. This applies not only to the ability to block incoming calls, but also to other options that contribute to comfortable communication.


    • Easy to use
    • Lots of features
    • Block calls from one person, area code or entire country
    • Intercept calls from private/unknown numbers and send to voicemail
    • Report spam calls to alert other users
    • Automatically search callers for recent calls in your phone history so you know who to block

Networking poses many dangers, and one of the most serious is the penetration of viruses from the user's device. In addition to global hacker attacks, the initial system capacity of the user's device begins to diminish due to the unnoticed penetration of various advertising plug-ins, unplanned updates and clicking on dubious links. One of the easiest and most effective antivirus for mobile gadgets is Avast Mobile Security. The simple user interface doesn't make it difficult to set up work tools and maximizes the safety of Internet surfing.


    • Built-in firewall and web screen
    • Ability to filter calls and SMS messages
    • Ability to lock and locate devices remotely
    • Real time protection
    • Application manager
    • Customizable updates
    • Privacy reports
    • Scheduled scanning
    • Anti-Theft functionality

Despite the fact that much attention is paid to the protection of personal data, lists of mobile numbers are for some reason periodically found in the hands of representatives of all kinds of advertising agencies, beauty salons, dubious banks and other businesses that disturb the rhythm of life with unsolicited calls.


    • Blocked calls and messages with various options
    • Blacklist of blocked numbers
    • List of favorite numbers for which you will always be available
    • Cheat detection with one beep
    • Blocked Call Notifications