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The Tiny Flashlight LED flashlight application for Android will help you use the camera flash as a flashlight. This is truly one of the useful programs that enhances the functionality of users' smartphones. Today, the overwhelming majority of people practically never part with their mobile phones. The flashlight app will allow you to always have a stable source of light at hand during dark hours, which will illuminate the path in the darkness and help find necessary items if the power in the house suddenly goes out.


    • high brightness of the light beam;
    • free access to download;
    • wide selection of widgets to install;
    • variety of lighting options;
    • availability of reliable technical support;
    • simple and intuitive program control with a single button;
    • data on the battery level and smartphone temperature;
    • simple design;
    • light brightness control function;
    • availability of the SOS option, allowing to emit a distress signal at night;
    • multifunctionality;
    • setting the lighting time by timer.


    • The dependence on the power of the smartphone's charger. If the battery has low power, the flashlight will not last long.