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Hive OS is an Ubantu clone operating system designed for one purpose - to create, maintain and keep a mining farm running. It does not take up much space, can be located on any media, and is easy to configure.


    • The system uses minimal resources and runs even on weak computers
    • Distributed free of charge, updates are easily downloadable over the Internet
    • Suitable for maintenance
    • It's possible to overclock graphics processors and overclocking can be used for one video card of choice, several, all of them
    • Can work simultaneously with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards in the same garbage can
    • Takes up little space on HDD when deployed in working condition. 4-8GB flash drive is enough
    • Quick and easy to set up. All settings are saved in a configuration file and even if the computer is rebooted mining continues
    • Built-in OpenVPN client
    • Supports up to 19 graphics cards in one rig
    • Remote access via web interface. No need to connect a monitor
    • Exchange settings via JSON
    • Easily manages wallet, optimizes mining software, tracks mining performance (hash rate)
    • Manages ASIC mining devices
    • Can be set to send error or trouble reports to user's phone or main computer via Telegram or Discord


    • Not free for future installations (unless the user mines in the Hiveon pool)
    • Cannot run on Windows at the same time
    • Not always quick to add new versions of miners