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Helium is a well-known and very useful Android app. It is designed to back up your information as well as synchronize your applications.

With this program you will be able to back up everything that you have on your android: files, applications, photos, videos. With Helium you can be sure that your files won't go anywhere, won't be deleted accidentally, because you will always have a backup that you can recreate at any time. The program copies your material to your memory card or cloud storage (your choice). It supports the most popular cloud storage services: Google Drive and Dropbox.

If you want to completely reset all the settings on your android, but want to keep your files, documents, photos, app data, Helium is ideal to help you do that. It guarantees the security of your data.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x, Android 10.x, Android 11.x, Android 12.x, Android 13.x, Android 14.x
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Easy management
  • No root rights required
  • Cloud storage connection
  • Automatic backups
  • Limited backup options
  • Long backup times for individual applications

More about Helium

Helium allows you to set up automatic backups: for example, on certain days of the week, at a certain time that you choose yourself. You can set up backups over a wi-fi network only.

Helium is completely free of charge. There is absolutely no advertising in the application.


Features of Helium:

  • provides preservation of information, files and documents;
  • synchronizes applications (data will not be deleted);
  • guarantees the safety of your data when using Helium;
  • the ability to automatically back up;
  • supports the most popular cloud storages - Google Drive, Dropbox;
  • Helium does not contain any advertising;
  • Helium is absolutely free of charge;
  • user-friendly and clear interface;
  • ease of use.

The only disadvantage is that the program does not yet have the Russian language. But everything is already intuitive in it.

Helium is a very useful program, it is necessary for any android user. Download Helium for android and forget about problems with data loss on your phone forever!

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