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Many companies supervise their employees while they are working - this is normal practice in all countries of the world. Usually they monitor their employees for compliance with work regulations, absence of prohibited programs at work, and technical condition of computers. When the whole office is remote, this need becomes even more critical, as well as high quality technical support. Ammyy Admin solves most of these problems - with the help of this software you can monitor all the necessary devices simultaneously via internal network.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Remote control of computers
  • File sharing
  • Chat by voice chat
  • Server administration
  • Adding IP addresses to Contacts List for faster connection
  • Selecting the right audio device for voice chat
  • Setting permissions for each computer
  • Small screen resolution when connecting

  • Requests login and password when connecting to another user

  • Not enough time to work in the free version

More about Ammyy Admin

When everyone in the office is at home, the job of a system administrator is a challenge. It is necessary to service each PC when problems arise, as well as to monitor the technical condition of each such device in the network to prevent more serious breakdowns in the future. Ammyy Admin allows you to perform almost any task quickly and without the help of the device operator. At the same time, the operator can watch what is happening on the screen and not worry about the safety of his personal data.

Advantages of the program:

  • Free mode. A company will have to pay for Ammyy Admin, because in its case it is a commercial use, but if several people need the software for working on a project or for remote assistance with a computer, there is no need to pay for such a copy of the product.
  • Invisible to most modern firewalls. Often remote access programs refuse to work on well protected systems, but Ammy Admin is an exception.
  • User of the software and operator do not have to waste time on bypassing the system.
  • Additional possibilities for communication. Through Ammyy Admin's internal network you can transfer information - documents and other types of files. It allows you to do everything in one client, not to use third-party programs, it's faster and more reliable. Sending confidential information via this program is safe and convenient.
  • Two-way voice communication. Older programs for remote access may not even have chat so user and operator have to make a call at the same time. With Ammyy Admin you can have a conversation right in the middle of the process and that is very convenient and allows you to solve any problem quicker.
  • Compatibility. Ammyy Admin can work with other remote access software. Not all of them can be combined with this software, but only some of them - VNC, Terminal Server etc.

Important for both the user and the owner of the PC (in case your personal computer is used for work purposes) Ammyy Admin uses secure connection and interrupts it as soon as the session is over. You can use the program to do only what the operator sees and approves. Security is ensured by using HTTP proxy and NAT and data flow is encrypted (AES-256 + RSA encryption).

You should try Ammyy Admin if you:

  • a system administrator who is looking for a convenient tool to work with;
  • work remotely, configuring and repairing computers;
  • have several devices and do not want to carry them all around to perform any actions;
  • are concerned about the security of data that is transmitted via remote system access software.

In its scope Ammyy Admin is considered to be quite convenient for both sides, functional and well-protected program.

44 votes3.2

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