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The need for operational remote control of user devices occurs both when administering office computers and when creating a local network for personal use. A wide range of modern software solutions for remote operation will allow you to choose the necessary software for a particular implementation, taking into account the existing technical characteristics of the PC.

The functionality of the program includes:

  • easy access to user devices and minimal involvement of system resources to install software;
  • reliable system of protection against unauthorized access, including personal password;
  • Possibility of making screenshots as well as user communication via online chat;
  • Two-way transmission of the required files;
  • cross-platform and adaptation to different operating systems;
  • provision of high quality images of the remote desktop;
  • distribution of administration rights for joint PC management;
  • automatic determination of the optimal server for the connection;
  • high performance of work with different technical capabilities of user devices.

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Many companies supervise their employees while they are working - this is normal practice in all countries of the world. Usually they monitor their employees for compliance with work regulations, absence of prohibited programs at work, and technical condition of computers. When the whole office is remote, this need becomes even more critical, as well as high quality technical support. Ammyy Admin solves most of these problems - with the help of this software you can monitor all the necessary devices simultaneously via internal network.


    • Remote control of computers
    • File sharing
    • Chat by voice chat
    • Server administration
    • Adding IP addresses to Contacts List for faster connection
    • Selecting the right audio device for voice chat
    • Setting permissions for each computer


    • Small screen resolution when connecting

    • Requests login and password when connecting to another user

    • Not enough time to work in the free version

There's nothing unusual about the software, but you definitely don't need to specifically look for information about it or get it - it will be available to most users anyway. Mostly the software is used for remote work with files. It has happened in every office when an important file was left on a certain device, uninstalled, but tomorrow its administrator, executives or a team of executives will need it, and they will need it urgently. The situation can be fixed by visiting the office outside of the office hours in person, but with Microsoft Remote Desktop the problem becomes solvable in a couple of minutes - all you have to do is log on to that PC remotely and download the unfortunate file.

We cannot say that AnyDesk is a project of Team Viewer, the authors of the program are just a few specialists from the old team. Nevertheless, the concept of one of the most successful remote access programs has been taken over, but significantly revised and improved. The developers literally offer the same program, but better, faster, without delays or technical problems.


    • Simple and intuitive interface
    • Quickly connect to one or more remote computers
    • Portable
    • Works on multiple platforms


    • Every time you close the window, the program prompts you to install itself on your computer

The need to remotely connect to user devices is not only for office work, but also for personal purposes. Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to create a local network and organize remote control with a few simple steps and is easy to use and requires little system resources.


    • Intuitive interface, user-friendly control panel
    • Ability to create remote connections between your computers
    • Use your account
    • Low system requirements
    • Security


    • To allow remote connections, you must enter the pin code that the remote desktop host generates each time

The program is far ahead of its peers in terms of functionality, but Remote Utilities is also more difficult to use. If you are not a system administrator, the program is probably not suitable for you. The software reveals its full potential when used for remote control of devices on behalf of an enterprise.


    • Full remote desktop management
    • Work in stealth mode
    • File and folder transfer with easy-to-use file manager
    • Built-in chat and webcam launch capability
    • Command line access
    • Software control of your computer's hardware configuration


    • 30 days trial version

    • A controversial decision to divide the functionality into a large number of "mini-utilities"

Radmin is one of the most secure and reliable software products for creating remote access between multiple devices today. It has been selected by more than 100,000 companies worldwide for remote technical support to employees. Governments and the military, technology experts and financial institutions rely on its tremendous capabilities. Radmin is a must-have tool for every IT professional.


    • Ability to manage computers remotely
    • Voice chat is present
    • The option to exchange files between different computers
    • Fairly loyal system requirements
    • Desktop of a remote computer is available


    • Remote control utility, has only a free test version

    • No access to "gray" ip-addresses

Splashtop is the best multi-user remote communication solution for managed service providers, IT professionals and support staff. The software provides access to multiple devices, file transfer, remote printing, chat, the ability to create groups and manage users within them. Splashtop is available in both cloud and desktop versions.

Splashtop connects to systems using a nine-digit session code and downloaded software. The solution also supports chat and allows users to print documents to remote devices.


    • With the "click installation" option, you can easily set the response parameters
    • Works with all modern Windows operating systems
    • Ability to control your computer through a device running on Windows Phone
    • Using the Splashtop software, you can easily adjust the quality of the transmitted picture
    • Users are offered a high degree of encryption


    • Availability of quite expensive paid add-ons to improve the utility

    • Competitors have more feature-rich and high-performance applications

This software can be classified as highly specialized. The average user does not need this program - for remote access for personal use or to make money repairing and configuring on a freelance system there are simpler options. In addition, for the full version of the AeroAdmin with the fully available functionality will have to pay - it will be profitable only when using the product commercially.


    • Remote PC management
    • Menu in Russian
    • Request help from the client
    • Text messaging
    • Selecting connection mode
    • Information encryption


    • It is impossible to organize several sessions at once

    • Pop-up banners of commercial character are present

    • No voice communication function

Almost everyone has heard about TeamViewer. Even users with very low computer literacy have an approximate idea of what this software is used for - remote control over a PC, performed from another PC. This is because this program is very often used for minor repairs that do not involve "iron". Masters do not go to houses and offices, but ask the client to turn on TeamViewer - it's more convenient.


    • Server administration with remote maintenance
    • Ability to transfer files from one computer to a remote computer and vice versa
    • Browser access to a remote computer using TeamViewer Web Connector
    • The program is free for personal, non-commercial use
    • Chat between users
    • Supports more than 30 interface languages
    • Security and privacy
    • Optimized work depending on the type of connection to the network
    • Wide range of setting options


    • Free-version differs in its functionality from the full version

    • The commercial version of the program is paid

    • Operation depends on the quality of the network connection

Developments in technology allow you to perform many technical solutions using remote access, it makes the workflow most efficient. Among the many software products that provide control over user devices, servers, desktops, the most popular is DameWare Mini Remote Control.


    • Easy remote control
    • Computer sharing
    • Connection to automated machines
    • Chat function
    • Remote PC screen capture option
    • Support for smart card authentication

This software and its analogues offer you the possibility to work on any device remotely - with access, of course. This will not only solve the problem of the owner or operator of the second device - you can use remote access for your own purposes as well. This is relevant when you only have access to the files you need on a particular device, or it's more powerful than yours.


    • Uses RFB network protocol
    • Customizable main window size
    • Adjustable optimal screen resolution
    • Built-in user account security algorithm
    • Allows quick connection to another device's desktop