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This software can be classified as highly specialized. The average user does not need this program - for remote access for personal use or to make money repairing and configuring on a freelance system there are simpler options. In addition, for the full version of the AeroAdmin with the fully available functionality will have to pay - it will be profitable only when using the product commercially.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Remote PC management
  • Menu in Russian
  • Request help from the client
  • Text messaging
  • Selecting connection mode
  • Information encryption
  • It is impossible to organize several sessions at once

  • Pop-up banners of commercial character are present

  • No voice communication function

More about AeroAdmin

The main task of AeroAdmin is to control several PCs at once according to certain criteria. The criteria are set by the user - usually a system administrator, or someone performing his functions unofficially. The software does an excellent job and has a lot to offer. Processes can be managed personally or most of them can be automated, all for the sake of fast and efficient operation.

AeroAdmin can be used to control devices both within your local network and just by connection. This opens up a wide range of use cases - it can be used by both an administrator maintaining a local network and someone checking computers that are not physically in the same building.

Advantages of the program:

  • You can monitor the status of devices. A system administrator performs many tasks, but one of the main ones is to monitor the software and technical serviceability of the PCs that the company provides for work. You can do this by doing periodic manual inspections, but that takes a lot of time - it's better to check remotely if there are no problems.
  • Enforcement of control orders. In some companies, work PCs can only be used for certain purposes. There is only one way to control this part of the work regulations - AeroAdmin will monitor suspicious processes on all controlled PCs at once.
  • Security. AeroAdmin not only allows you to monitor the activities which take place from your device, but also acts as a storage and data flow between the connected PCs. With the program you can safely and privately transfer any type of data without fear that they will get into an open network. In this way it is possible to carry out corporate mailing, including secret mailing.
  • Internal communication system for administrators. There can be more than one user of one copy of AeroAdmin - it can be used as the main tool of the whole network security team. The software allows the exchange of signals that are not visible to PC operators in the network.
  • The highest degree of privacy. The program provides impressive data security. Security features include two-factor identification of administrators and information transmission using AES + RSA encryption.

AES + RSA can solve any corporate task related to the control of PCs on the network and work of the support service. The software can be used by companies of any business line and of any size - security measures make the internal network virtually invulnerable.

You will need AeroAdmin if you:

  • represent a large company with an office that needs to be serviced by a system administrator;
  • Prioritize security and privacy;
  • You work with a network of PCs which require a lot of security and protection.

Of all the programs designed for remote access, AeroAdmin is one of the most specialized and feature-rich.

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