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The program is far ahead of its peers in terms of functionality, but Remote Utilities is also more difficult to use. If you are not a system administrator, the program is probably not suitable for you. The software reveals its full potential when used for remote control of devices on behalf of an enterprise.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Full remote desktop management
  • Work in stealth mode
  • File and folder transfer with easy-to-use file manager
  • Built-in chat and webcam launch capability
  • Command line access
  • Software control of your computer's hardware configuration
  • 30 days trial version

  • A controversial decision to divide the functionality into a large number of "mini-utilities"

More about Remote Utilities

One of the main "features" of Remote Utilities was implemented with the interests of business representatives in mind - the ability to integrate the program into the server, which belongs to the company. This opens up a wide range of possibilities - employees with administrative rights in the internal network can improve it. The most frequent improvements can be considered the distribution of access roles relevant to the company, as well as the establishment of new security methods.

Fully managed with the help of the company's internal server Remote Utilities is an excellent opportunity to create between all local and remote devices a large, organic and smoothly working network, the key to the success of any project. Remember that to connect a large number of devices you need to pay more than the standard tariff.

Advantages of the program:

  • Really wide functionality. With respect to Remote Utilities, these are not empty words at all - what this software offers can be enough for several analogues. Unfortunately, the price to unlock the full set of features is appropriate.
  • Ability to connect to the company's own server. This provides guaranteed file security - nothing gets on the external Internet, and therefore can not be stolen.
  • User-friendly interface. For the user-administrator an extremely simple and functional interface is offered in which the connected PCs are displayed in the address book, also the modes are quickly switched - for example, from the observer position you can instantly switch to management. For the user-operator everything also looks convenient, although normally he does not need to use the program for anything other than file transfer.
  • High performance. It does not matter how many PCs are connected - the performance is calculated without taking these parameters into account. Much more important is the state of the Internet connection - without a speed of at least 20-30 Mb per second the normal work of the software is impossible.
  • Encryption. Even more security is provided by smart encryption - use it to protect your files if you are not using an internal server.

On top of all that, Remote Utilities is very handy for everyone who uses it - not just the administrator, but the operators as well. For example, it supports fast file transfers between computers via drag and drop, and it can also share the clipboard. All of this speeds up the mailing process, which is what performers need first and foremost.

You should try Remote Utilities if you:

  • represent a large company that needs many access points;
  • run a company and are planning to buy reliable and feature-rich remote access software for the needs of your administrative staff;
  • you are organizing your own small business and want to use the program for free - for this your request should be within 10 devices in the network.

Use Remote Utilities for large-scale business purposes and make sure that all the most complicated things will be optimized by the program, all you have to do is manage.

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