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The Paint 3D program is a multidisciplinary tool for creating graphic objects and their further editing. It is a modernized software of the standard graphics editor for the Windows operating system, which uses a familiar user interface and is complemented by new tools for creating three-dimensional images. To install the program you need a minimum amount of system resources, which allows maximum access to it for all users of the operating system Windows.


Pros and Cons

  • Support for printing on a 3D printer
  • The interface is stylish, yet easy to use
  • Simple and intuitive main menu controls
  • Adapted for tablets
  • Wide range of offered two-dimensional figures, there are three-dimensional models
  • Working with three-dimensional figures is much more convenient and easier as compared with analogues
  • The standard package of the software toolkit was considerably reorganized
  • For more convenience in use the program is fully translated into Russian
  • To save the finished work a wide range of the most popular formats is available: .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .fbx, .3fm, etc.
  • Limited choice of textures

More about Paint 3D

The versatility of this graphics editor allows you to create a variety of graphic three-dimensional objects, and includes:

  • the ability to convert individual parts of photos, drawings and vector objects into a variety of 3-D elements;
  • wide range of standard 3-D objects from the library of the graphics editor;
  • setting up tools when creating a drawing: line thickness, relief strokes, color, fill and other design features;
  • create individual shapes in the volumetric space;
  • add text inscriptions and give them volume effects, textures and colors;
  • use special ready-made stickers from the program's catalog;
  • provides technical support for working on 3-D printers;
  • saving all user changes in the logbook, by means of which it is possible to return to an earlier record and send it to the necessary directory
  • for saving;
  • adjustment of the image by varying the values of brightness, color, sharpness and blur;
  • the ability to record a video file to recreate the learning material of the workflow.

Paint 3D program provides ample opportunities for graphical three-dimensional modeling, while maintaining the standard functionality of the usual software.

43 votes3.8

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