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Clickermann is a program for simulating common user actions, such as mouse clicks. Clickermann is designed to automate manual actions performed at the computer. The extensive functionality and intuitive interface makes the program accessible to users with any level of knowledge.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Russian-language interface, easy to master control
  • A lot of help information for beginners
  • Forum on the official website of the developer
  • Does not require installation on your computer
  • Automatic execution of specified operations
  • Scripting language supports variables, loops, conditions, subroutines, screen analysis, etc.
  • The new version of Clickermann is optimized with Windows 10 and 8
  • The software is not updated
  • Possible Russian text encoding errors

More about Clickermann

Universal automated software tool has a number of positive features, including:

  • Automation of all the actions of the person working at the computer. The program will be appreciated by game lovers who do not want to be distracted by mundane operations;
  • Clicker is able to manage both the mouse and keyboard, given the analysis of the screen. To automate keyboard clicks, you can use the editor to write a special script. Also, the editor provides a large number of templates, which are freely available on the support forum;
  • The program uses a special scripting language that is quite easy to understand, especially for those who are familiar with the basics of Pascal. For users with no skills, the program contains a help;
  • It is possible to run the program in a single window, by linking its actions. Running the script does not interfere with actions in other windows;
  • The program can be transferred to different devices, as well as downloaded to a flash drive and work from it. Compatibility will not cause difficulties. Clicker is a completely safe program, as it does not make any transformations in the Windows registry;
  • Manage the scripts quite simple and convenient by opening the program in a special window. The lightweight interface contains clear control keys: execute, pause, stop, record. Script status is displayed in the right corner of the interface;
  • Detailed help in Russian will help you to quickly resolve any questions that may arise.

The goal of the developers was to create a program accessible and understandable to the end user. Extensive functionality allows the program to be used in various spheres: from social networks to games. Clicker has a free license, which allows you to use the program without paying a fee.

34 votes2.5

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