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Adobe Photoshop is fully suitable for working on a Windows operating system, it is a professional image editing program. It has an impressive number of functions and allows you to solve a wide variety of tasks. The main purpose is to work with digital graphics, using it to form a design, change the details and colors of images, realize modeling and other operations. At the moment the program belongs to the most popular, it is used by professionals. It is also used by beginners, because it gives all the possibilities of changing photos and pictures. New versions are more simple, even beginners can master them, the creators of the program are constantly working on improving the existing features and the development of new functions.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Proprietary 3D editor that supports UV-chart overlay
  • You can add your own variants of patterns, textures, brushes, etc.
  • Create GIF animations, allows you to edit tiff, svg, png, gif, etc.
  • The new version of Photoshop is highly optimized with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Designed for processing vector and raster images
  • There is a PS Touch application optimized for tablets and other mobile devices
  • No serious alternatives with a similar level of functionality and tools
  • Improved work with HDR in the new versions of the editor
  • Extended integration with the cloud service
  • Get Photoshop free for a trial period of 30 days
  • The system requirements for weak PCs may not be suitable
  • New users may have difficulty understanding the principles of this graphics editor

More about Adobe Photoshop

If we consider the licensed version, we can talk about a huge list of possibilities. All the possibilities are there for forming high quality images:

  • using pictures or parts of pictures to design a set of pictures, editing pictures or photos;
  • changing pictures after they are printed, scanned photos in order to get a more decent quality. Color-related defects are also corrected;
  • photo retouching and restoration of old images;
  • complex graphics, including correction and rendering of deep shades one by one (multilayering);
  • working with different volumes and shapes in 3D and 2D formats, modification of existing textures;
  • working through various drawings or sketches;
  • shaping non-standard elements in order to place them in printing, for design, creating and supplementing websites, or for other purposes;
  • coloring of black and white files;
  • filtering, fonts and effects for changing texts in any variations;
  • processing image formats of raster and vector pictures within basic variations;
  • instant posting to the Internet or forwarding for printing with a printer.


The program is gradually changing, so its appearance depends entirely on the version used. At the moment, the creators have darkened the main screen, this was done not for greater effect, but so that the user was able to fully concentrate on the task at hand. The image is better seen on a black background.

If this option was inconvenient, it is possible to return to the familiar version, it has a light gray color within the working window. To switch, you need to activate the keys Ctrl+F2, you can also do this through the tab on the editing, and then you need the item installation and interface.

All the main elements are located in the upper area - the control panel. It is divided into three areas. The left part provides the following:

  • activation of Bridge applications;
  • change of screen modes;
  • menu for adjusting the active editor window;
  • adjusting the documents to the scale;
  • hiding and displaying elements of the auxiliary category;
  • file location settings.

The right area is reserved for the menu button (drop-down design), which allows you to use Adobe services.

Keys to select the working environment take a centralized position, they can be easily found on the screen on the elements of the interface. On the right there are palettes to use layer-by-layer elaboration and a number of tools.

The lower section of the screen is reserved for the toolbar, where, when you hover your mouse over the desired icon, data on the possibilities of its use pops up.

What formats are supported by Photoshop

When using the editor, a number of formats are available:

  • stands out for its capacity, created by Photoshop;
  • outdated and rarely used for PC PaintBrush;
  • required for Corel PHOTO-PAINT, as well as Corel DRAW;
  • performs work with bitmap images (saving and compressing them);
  • it is required for work in Windows, it is usually compatible with any graphics editors relevant to this OS;
  • JPEG 2000. Allows almost no loss in quality in a highly compressed environment;
  • in the process of importing pictures gives the possibility of selecting the resolution;
  • necessary for animations, provides strong compression;
  • also compresses the data of animated files;
  • provides preservation of the depth of coloring of scanned pictures, it is necessary for the printing industry;
  • it is useful for the printing industry.

What is Creative Cloud for?

Creative Cloud serves as storage using cloud technology. You can selectively install product distributions on your PC. Access is available only with a paid subscription, it can be arranged for a monthly or annual period. Users can get Adobe software at a discounted price (compared to a permanent license), but ongoing payment is required. The program requires installation on the C drive, in Programm files, where it remains permanently.

How to get a free 7 day version of Photoshop

In order to take advantage of such an offer is required:

  • Activate the "Try for free" key.
  • Go to your own account or form an Adobe ID.
  • Save the trial without paying and start using it.

Step-by-step guides are provided, including video tutorials for users of varying skill levels. Subscription provides access to utility updates. While using the program, 100GB in storage is given, access to mobile-format applications and everything you need to share files.

Adobe Photoshop is a common graphics editor that is recognized as the best and allows you to create masterpieces, but you need to master the rather complicated functionality to do so.

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