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This software and its analogues offer you the possibility to work on any device remotely - with access, of course. This will not only solve the problem of the owner or operator of the second device - you can use remote access for your own purposes as well. This is relevant when you only have access to the files you need on a particular device, or it's more powerful than yours.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Uses RFB network protocol
  • Customizable main window size
  • Adjustable optimal screen resolution
  • Built-in user account security algorithm
  • Allows quick connection to another device's desktop

More about Virtual Network Computing

You can do just about anything with remote control - it all depends on the power of the codecs on which the software is based. The performance and other technical features of Virtual Network Computing are sufficient to cover most of the needs of the average user.

So, Virtual Network Computing allows you to work as an administrator and solve user problems within the internal VNC network of a particular company, or to run your own business, providing configuration and repair services remotely. The program is also used for personal purposes - for example, you can administer all your devices remotely, even from handheld devices.

Advantages of the program:

  • Ability to share files within the system. Virtual Network Computing is not only used in the corporate environment to quickly resolve computer problems, it can also be used to transfer files of all kinds. This can be useful when you need to quickly inform all users or send important documents to a certain circle of people.
  • Built-in chat. Often you need the help of a second device to solve problems remotely - it speeds up the process. Virtual Network Computing has an internal built in chat for this purpose - you can correspond there without having to open additional messengers, email clients or make phone calls.
  • It's free for personal use. If you are not going to use your copy of Virtual Network Computing for commercial activities, there is no need to pay. However, in this version some functions will not be available.
  • Special attention to security. The connection is encrypted (only relevant for the paid version), which makes it impossible to penetrate from the outside. You can safely perform your duties within the session - no one but you will have access to the network PC.
  • Cross-platform. You can use Virtual Network Computing across platforms-for example, you can manage multiple corporate PCs from your phone or tablet while you are on the road-very convenient and so you do not have to look for a replacement when you are away.

The software offers a lot of features and is in many ways better than its counterparts. Its expert accessibility and wide range of features are the main reasons to choose VNC.

You should try Virtual Network Computing if you

  • Prefer remote working software that is secure - company policy or personal reasons may dictate it;
  • Have different devices or use different operating systems for them - VNC is one of those programs that supports cross-platform;
  • Can't solve a problem if there is no feedback from the other side - chat rooms are available for this purpose;
    organizing complex processes for many employees online.

Virtual Network Computing can be a great helper for you at work or a basic tool for your own livelihood.

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