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There's nothing unusual about the software, but you definitely don't need to specifically look for information about it or get it - it will be available to most users anyway. Mostly the software is used for remote work with files. It has happened in every office when an important file was left on a certain device, uninstalled, but tomorrow its administrator, executives or a team of executives will need it, and they will need it urgently. The situation can be fixed by visiting the office outside of the office hours in person, but with Microsoft Remote Desktop the problem becomes solvable in a couple of minutes - all you have to do is log on to that PC remotely and download the unfortunate file.


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Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


More about Microsoft Remote Desktop

Moreover - it can be automatically printed out and then picked up. User-friendliness was put in the first place when developing Microsoft Remote Desktop - this can be seen by the excellent interface, which does not contain anything unnecessary and is designed so as not to distract from the work and not to create information noise. Performance of software is evaluated as very high quality - if there is a good Internet, the program will run at a very decent speed, without cutting for files and programs to work with.

Advantages of the program:

  • Accessibility. This is most likely the first software you will use to work with a remote desktop, unless you are specifically looking for such programs. For a "default" program, Microsoft Remote Desktop holds the brand - the quality of the free version is almost no different from the free versions of counterparts.
  • High security scores. Since Microsoft Remote Desktop will be used by a lot of people - not knowing alternatives and not wanting to look for them, Microsoft has taken care of security, as is necessary for any mass product. Software security is really on the level, the protection works automatically, but can also be managed manually - this is called local security.
  • There are virtual desktops that are session-based. These are practically one-time passes that allow you to get some work done while not including the device on the network permanently.
  • A handy tool for the sysadmin. System administrators appreciate Microsoft Remote Desktop because the program is directly sharpened for some of their needs. For an environment with lots of devices to control, MRD does a good job.

There is nothing revolutionary or ground breaking about Microsoft Remote Desktop. All the software has to offer as an argument against its peers is performance. It is a really powerful and optimized piece of software, it allows you to perform even the most non-trivial tasks.

Using Microsoft Remote Desktop for personal use is also possible, even convenient. Many PCs have automatic access to this program and there's a good chance you'll have it on the device you need too - connected and ready to go.

You should try Microsoft Remote Desktop if you:

  • don't want or don't have time to look for something else compatible with the latest versions of Windows;
  • you are not going to buy this software - you need it temporarily or just for once;
  • are planning to perform some high performance task on a remote desktop, and want to make sure you have enough power;
    trust a custom package from Microsoft.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a very simple option and if your needs are simple as well (except for performance), feel free to choose this program.

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