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Now many entrepreneurs, who sell different types of goods, create their own online stores. This gives additional advertising to the seller and expands his possibilities. But many sites created on the same platform are very similar to each other. Therefore, to stand out your store is becoming more and more difficult.

It is in this case, you can use third-party programs that give additional opportunities to customize the store. One such program is CS Cart. This extension gives access to additional parameters and settings for the online store.

Pros and Cons

  • Out-of-the-box solutions for all tasks
  • All necessary integrations with payment and delivery services popular among Russian users
  • Visual layout editor, which allows you to customize project appearance without resorting to code editing
  • Various ways of contacting customers: feedback form, reviews, built-in CRM for online store based on RetailC, etc.
  • Adaptive templates that make it easy to buy from mobile devices
  • Support for third-party modules that extend basic functionality of the engine
  • Advanced filtering system based on mass addition of features
  • Synchronization of the catalog with 1C and Yandex.Market
  • Detailed reports on sales and order statuses
  • The trial version is valid for 30 days
  • Rather high price for the license
  • Technical support is free for only 30 days
  • No support subscription for a year - instead the developers offer a system of credits
  • SEO module automatically generates H1 and H2 headers - have to change them manually if necessary
  • Duplicate pages can be created, which negatively affects the promotion of the site in search engines
  • Obligatory E-mail field on the order placement page - may reduce conversion

More about CS-Cart

This extension gives many features that will make the site more interesting and memorable for the buyer. Such features are the following:

  • Convenient loading of a large number of products at one time, as well as the ability to edit several selected products from one group at once.
  • Creation of characteristics for several products at once. This will save time on loading and setting up new goods cards.
  • You can add various filters for product characteristics, which will ensure a more convenient search for the necessary goods for the customer.
  • Setting up a beautiful and attractive storefront, where the customer can make an order right away.
  • You can change the templates of the site, change the look and location of meaningful blocks and themes of the whole site. This will save money on webmaster services.
  • It is possible to add a link to the recommended product on the card of each product. This will increase sales for one customer.
  • You can use the program to add promotions and loyalty systems for regular and wholesale customers. Such features will attract even more customers.
  • Fonts and text colors can be changed here to make the site even more colorful.
  • Setup for easy management of orders and their statuses. This feature will provide fast processing of orders for the administrator of the site.
  • Allows you to translate the site into multiple languages. This is convenient for sellers who are engaged in international sales.
  • In addition, the resource allows you to configure the promotion of the online store in search engines.

CS Cart has many more features that make the extension the best assistant for the administrator of the resource. With its help, you can create an online store that will be convenient and more attractive to the buyer. This will help to increase the flow of customers, and therefore provide an increase in sales.

CS Cart is a very convenient resource for creating and editing a point of sale on the Internet. It gives the opportunity to use many settings and parameters that are not available on other engines and platforms. Thanks to this program, it is possible to create perfect pages that will increase sales and therefore profits. This is evidenced by the many positive reviews from users of this resource.

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