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Each Internet project requires the choice of engine on which the site will run. A wide range of paid and free solutions is available to users. One of the popular and popular software options is CMS MODX. The advantage of the program is its versatility. With the help of the software, which has its own tag syntax, it is possible to manage websites of different purposes as well as web applications.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Versatility, allowing the system to be adapted for different tasks
  • Expandability, allowing the addition of new features through the integration of modules and program codes
  • Differentiation of access rights of users, allowing them to assign statuses and allow execution of certain actions on the site
  • Compatibility with various databases
  • Templating, allowing easy addition of website templates
  • Built-in file manager that allows you to add and delete files without connecting to the server through the administration panel
  • Scalability and flexibility of settings
  • Technical optimization for search engines and a decent SEO-module
  • High level of security from unauthorized access, hacking, viruses and other nasties
  • No ready-made templates
  • Limited ability to edit the design, if you do not know how to work with HTML, CSS, JavaCsript
  • A complicated interface: an unfamiliar admin panel, proprietary terminology, unclear purpose of tools
  • Problems with the quantity and quality of Russian-language documentation

More about MODX

Most often users choose CMS MODX to work with corporate websites and stores in the part of medium-sized businesses. Universal tool for content management of websites has a number of positive features:

  • Easy and clear control panel provides comfortable work with the program.
  • CMS MODX possesses open source code, which gives the user an extended perspective of management.
  • The program does not provide its own ready-made layouts, but you can work with any template in html format. Every user who knows the basics of html and css can adjust the design for himself.
  • There are two versions of MODX - Evo and Revo, the last of which is permanently supported by the developers. Evo version is the most suitable for single-page sites.
  • The free version of the program allows you to use an unlimited set of functions.
  • CMS MODX allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and create your own unique website design or online store.
  • Software is rather undemanding and can work on a budget hosting.
  • Easy setup key phrases provides quality and quick promotion of sites.
  • Support for PHP programming language.
  • Built-in tools provide data security. In addition, constantly released updates are aimed at minimizing the vulnerability of the project.
  • Modules and plug-ins as a part of CMS MODX allow for deferred publication of materials on your own time schedule, making price-lists, creating forms for posting comments, and much more.
  • Possibility to manage user rights with the assignment of the status for specific tasks.

High level of security and free version of the program make it attractive to a wide audience and a wide variety of projects. For the successful operation of CMS MODX, the user will need a minimum set of knowledge. At least in terms of the most common programming languages. If you have any questions and difficulties, you can ask for help from the community of users.

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