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With the development of cloud technology is increasingly in demand e-commerce, and, consequently, all kinds of platforms for launching Internet projects.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Easy visual editing
  • CMS "out of the box" provides tools for sales management, which do not require additional configuration
  • Expandable functionality through modules
  • Statistical reports that customize the display of certain data
  • Possibility of small customization
  • Adaptive design of all themes from PrestaShop catalog
  • Decent base of extensions that includes more than 3500 modules
  • Convenient product catalog with advanced filtering system
  • Tools to increase customer loyalty: bonuses, discounts, coupons, mailings
  • Expansion of the standard functionality requires possible at the expense of paid modules
  • Very few free modules
  • No free themes

More about PrestaShop

CMS system PrestaShop includes in its functionality all the necessary mechanisms for developing a virtual platform for selling various goods or services. Taking into account the possible user devices the developers have taken care of the most convenient viewing, several modes are available for customers: monitor, tablet in two positions and smartphone. The platform includes more than 300 different options to flexibly address emerging business challenges.

System capabilities:

  • creating a catalog of products by category with the ability to re-sort by request;
  • the library of the application includes various ready-made templates for business projects of different topics;
  • cards with product and manufacturer descriptions can change the display options, as well as duplicated or deleted if necessary;
  • integration and uploading of the necessary assortment to Yandex.Market;
  • assortment design with the use of color solutions, various fonts, watermarks and accents, as well as the ability to change the visual image of the goods;
  • continuous monitoring of customer search, sales volume and number of returns, which allows you to determine the demand and conduct appropriate marketing offers to the target audience;
  • to increase the company's loyalty, the possibility of comments and newsletters are connected to each product, as well as individual discounts and offers depending on the customer's activity;
  • uploading of CSV-files for further control and analysis of the remaining goods;
  • analysis of sales volume by days and other criteria, as well as the possibility of independent calculation of sales tax;
  • integration with various social networks and sending messages to customers;
  • sorting user accounts and shopping cart analysis;
  • sophisticated back office with quick access to the necessary options.

PrestaShop system has the maximum set of working tools for successful online store promotion, including further sales management, purchase analysis and flexible marketing policy options.

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