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Drupal platform for feature-rich solutions allows you to create a variety of structured content. The block structure implies a convenient alternation of text and images, advertising information, all kinds of surveys, etc. The program is open source, which allows you to make additional functionality, after checking the security system. Each webmaster can independently set the necessary options for creating a website and the program's catalog contains more than 2000 ready-made themes and templates of different design.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Flexible system settings
  • Open Source
  • Faster operation due to proprietary caching system
  • High level of security
  • Availability of a database of free additional materials: themes and extensions
  • You can create your own modules
  • Creating different types of sites: blog, online store, etc.
  • Modules work together - complement each other, no need to duplicate them
  • Advanced user community
  • For novice users is difficult to master
  • A small number of free templates and modules.
  • All the best is distributed under a paid license
  • Need to buy more expensive hosting than other free CMS

More about Drupal


  • built-in Block Layout visual editor with customizable design and drag-and-drop ability to drag and drop ready elements with the mouse;
  • ready-made templates with the possibility of changing the color palette, creating a logo and personalizing the site;
  • optimization of SEO - search with the help of technical modules, implementation of mega-data and micro markings;
  • viewing of statistics of visits to the site, monitoring of user requests, sorting of accounts;
  • built-in text editor with the ability to change the format and font style, aligning the added content, adding tables and images;
  • inclusion of user comments with the possibility of instant reactions, smiles;
  • filtering by various attributes: video duration, number of views, cost, manufacturer and various search criteria;
  • ability to study visitor loyalty through a variety of incentive points, statuses and awards;
  • creation of the internal catalog of articles, goods, videos and other content;
  • automatic generation of URLs based on the title, which is most effective for SEO-promotion;
  • Setting and management of the administrative panel in real time to track updates, errors, comments and other content;
  • a high degree of protection of the platform from viruses, spam and hacker attacks.

Extensive functionality of Drupal is most preferable for experienced webmasters, already familiar with the basic principles and methods of website development, but using template solutions, a novice user can also try his hand at creating various Internet resources.

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