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GeForce, created by Nvidia, is a gaming service for platform leveling. The proprietary cloud gaming service allows you to access games that can normally only be played on a high-performance gaming PC.

In other words, you can play modern, high-quality Windows games using a GeForce-enabled device. In the past, the only device that offered this capability was the Nvidia Shield TV, which is a powerful set-top box with pretty impressive gaming performance. Now, however, GeForce Now can also be accessed on Windows and Mac computers.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Easy and fast installation of driver updates from official sources
  • Graphics customization for most popular strategy, action, simulation and MMO RPG
  • Background Passage Recording
  • Works on desktops and notebooks with GeForce 400 and up
  • Requires a fairly fast Internet connection.

  • Not compatible with all games

More about NVIDIA GeForce Experience

If all this seems difficult to understand, try to think of this technology as a game streaming utility. The original system would be hosted remotely on a powerful Windows server on which you could play high-end PC games with all the expected graphics trickery, including anti-aliasing. Unfortunately, if one chooses the more traditional route to gaming success, it would require several thousand dollars worth of hardware to build such a machine at home. After all, not everyone can afford the latest GeForce GTX graphics card (GPU). That's where GeForce comes in handy as a virtual computer.

A game streaming service stores compatible games on a virtual cloud computer. Using the PC, Mac, or Nvidia Shield TV version of the platform, you stream this cutting-edge video game directly to a lower-powered Windows computer, laptop, or to a Shield TV controller. Is the game a big consumer of resources? Is it the latest edition released by Steam or Ubisoft? It doesn't matter, even if you're downloading the gameplay via a Nvidia GeForce cloud subscription.

So, what other benefits does this approach offer? First, you don't need a lot of hard drive space, especially when the game is stored in the cloud. However, you'll need a fast Internet connection so that streaming can happen without stuttering. There's nothing worse than a momentary lag when you're about to hit a defeated opponent. Also, even a simple i5 processor, perhaps one that connects to an integrated graphics card, will take full advantage of this streaming service. Is all this too good to be true? Perhaps because there is a monthly fee when you enter GeForce Now. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast or a video game junkie who doesn't currently have access to the latest computer hardware.

GeForce Experience optimizes your graphics card settings for the latest games based on your computer's hardware configuration. NVIDIA Labs thoroughly tests games for various combinations of graphics cards, processors, and monitor resolutions and stores the results in the cloud. The software connects to the cloud data center and searches and downloads optimized settings for games tailored to your specific hardware configuration.

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