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DriverMax is a Windows program that checks and updates your computer's drivers. Computer drivers are like the glue that holds hardware and software together. All external computer components, such as webcams, require both hardware and software to work. DriverMax eliminates the need to search the Internet for necessary driver updates. Windows users usually update their software through Device Manager. Device Manager does not always detect and install the drivers needed for all computer hardware and software. Video cards often require software updates to ensure that they work with the latest software.


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Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Automatic driver updates
  • Simple interface
  • Fast backup
  • Simplifies life after reinstalling Windows
  • DriverMax free distribution
  • There are ads in the window

More about DriverMax

DriverMax simplifies the Device Manager process by automatically detecting and installing drivers for the user. The method of installing and updating Windows drivers has never been particularly intuitive. This program's interface simplifies the driver installation process. The database automatically scans the computer for necessary driver updates. It then provides the user with a list of various updates that can be installed. It can be a little frustrating to sift through these updates because many of them are not necessary to keep your devices running. That is, DriverMax doesn't know how to distinguish between useful and useless driver updates. Most people install driver updates because they want to keep their computers running smoothly. Some of DriverMax '

Many people may be disappointed by the fact that DriverMax gives preference to paid users over free ones. DriverMax automatically places free users in a queue. Users can only download selected drivers after a long wait. Internet savvy users can find the necessary driver updates online and download them manually to bypass the process. However, this is much more difficult because driver updates often have different versions. DriverMax also has many web-based tools that users can take advantage of. Using the DriverMax web tools requires creating a free account.


  • DriverMax is easy to use.
  • This program has an accessible and attractive interface.
  • DriverMax creates a restore point that allows users to easily back up and restore their drivers.

DriverMax creates a restore point every time a user installs a new driver. This ensures that each additional driver does not cause permanent damage to the computer. Some drivers also conflict with existing software. Thus, driver backups are the easiest way to make sure that the latest driver updates don't damage what's already on your computer.

DriverMax is simple, easy to use and has a bright interface. The program's biggest drawback is that it limits free users to downloading only three driver updates a day. This program is best for those who only need to add one or two drivers to make sure that their computer works properly.

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