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Snappy Driver Installer (SDI) is a program for automatically finding and installing drivers for devices and standards installed on your computer. It will allow you to update your drivers to the latest versions in a few simple steps, thereby ensuring that the user is using the most optimized and functional releases released for their devices. The program is designed for beginners as well as slightly more advanced users. The basic mode is launched as standard, but with a click of a button we can activate the expert mode, which gives access to additional features, mainly in the area of driver search criteria.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Automatic hardware detection
  • Downloading missing drivers from the program interface
  • Updating the database and driver packages
  • No installation required and leaves no traces in the system
  • Ability to create system restore point
  • Startup keys for system administrators
  • Variety of design themes
  • Translated into twenty-seven languages
  • No low power mode yet

More about Snappy Driver Installer

Regardless of the operating mode you choose, the program is very easy to use. Updating drivers comes down to an initial scan of the computer for the current version, selection from a list of interesting files to install, and a proper update process. The latter, in turn, first downloads the appropriate files from the Internet (the user can view the progress in the easy-to-read bar at the top of the screen) and then installs them, replacing the drivers with the latest ones. It's worth noting that during the installation we can only update selected drivers, not all drivers of a given device.

In the program, we find basically only one configuration setting, which concerns the interface colors. This will help customize the appearance of the application according to your preferences or the colors of other programs we use. Each skin is available in two versions, which differ significantly in font size. This significantly affects the readability of the information in the program (depending on our preferences), so it's worth testing the two configurations and choosing the more comfortable one for you.

Snappy Driver Installer strives to keep your computer's drivers working optimally by constantly updating them to the latest version. It's hard to manage every driver that exists on your computer. Instead of wasting time updating each individual driver, Snappy Driver Installer allows you to quickly update them all at once. Almost every piece of equipment uses a driver to communicate with the installed operating system. If these drivers are out of date, they can have problems working properly and can even cause your device to corrupt memory or lock up. Snappy Driver Installer helps you avoid these problems by automatically finding and downloading any software that you can use to update the hardware you are using.

One of the best aspects of Snappy Driver Installer is its simplicity. Many drivers can be scanned and updated with a few clicks - a far cry from the usual process of tracking down every device manufacturer's website and finding the right files. Once Snappy Driver Installer is set up, it can be configured for unlimited battery life. Everything from your computer's graphics card to your USB connections will be monitored and updated whenever possible.

All in all, it's a program that turns the difficult task of updating drivers into something simple, fast and easy.

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