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Display Driver Uninstaller is a program for uninstalling AMD (ATI), NVIDIA and Intel type graphics and sound drivers . It is used to uninstall improperly installed video card software, as well as to clean residual files, temporary storage of drivers, registry keys.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Complete deletion of files that cannot be deleted using standard methods
  • Cleaning files, folders and registry entries
  • Show detailed device information
  • Supports safe mode startup
  • Fast uninstallation speed
  • Regular software updates from the official site
  • Help with installation of new graphics cards
  • Automatic Drivers Check
  • Wipe and uninstall AMD, NVIDIA and Intel graphics cards drivers
  • Rare glitches with GeForce Graphics Card Series 7

More about Display Driver Uninstaller

DDU allows you to safely uninstall outdated or conflicting drivers with other software, as well as disable unnecessary video cards at the hardware level. Before using the program, you should learn the nuances of video cards, as well as the configuration algorithm.

Safe Mode

Display Driver Uninstaller organizes the step-by-step removal of software with the output of hints and event options. The client of the program will ask you to enable the safe mode of the computer. To do this you need to reboot the device and run DDU as an administrator. In the safe mode only the Windows drivers remain operational and the video card components are disabled to complete their complete removal from the system.

To avoid driver auto-updating the user should disable the Windows Update service. DDU should be listed as allowed for all security programs, including anti-viruses, to avoid crashing.

Removal modes

The application can uninstall video card software according to 3 algorithms. The user chooses the priority option independently. There is also access to additional settings. As the software is updated, which in the latest versions of Windows is carried out continuously, new features and options appear. Before using the DDU, you should update information about the capabilities of the utility.

The program supports 3 modes:

  • "Uninstall and Reboot" (recommended);
  • "Uninstall without rebooting" (results in a long wait for the updated Windows to respond);
  • "Delete and Shutdown" (to install a new graphics card).

Before starting the mode, the user selects a video driver from a list by manufacturer and name. The description log provides detailed information about the installed card and software version.

Auto update

An additional interface item is to download the latest driver versions using Windows Update. This option can be skipped if you plan to manually install the factory software. The download package is downloaded from the manufacturer's official website, taking into account the specifications of the video memory.

The driver auto-update can be performed through 2 channels: internal and external. In the first case, Windows will download the publicly available software with lower image quality, in the second - the factory latest version.

Additional options

When uninstalling, the user can set up other video card/system operations as well.

Useful options:

  • safe mode;
  • create a system restore point;
  • driver storage management;
  • uninstall/save monitors;
  • additional software management;
  • removing the NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

The settings tab deletes 3DTV. Physx, temporary video card folders on the system drive (used during installation of service software).

The DDU utility guarantees the safe uninstallation of drivers with the possibility of disabling the video card if it is replaced. The setup wizard will offer several operating modes and additional settings to increase PC performance and prevent failures.

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