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Microsoft Visual C++ is a standard integral part of the Windows operating system. It is not recommended to remove such a program contrary to the advice of programmers, who guarantee faster device performance. It is not only intended for maintaining up-to-date software versions, but also serves as an indispensable assistant in task execution.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Originality of developments and timely computer software maintenance;
  • Relatively small package size;
  • Fast performance speed and flexible usability, allowing you to write your own operating system;
  • A multitude of original plugins.
  • excessive memory consumption of the device's program;
  • forced user tracking while initializing variables;
  • not compatible with another operating system.

More about Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ is a set of tools, libraries, and resources for development in assembly languages. The program's capabilities allow it to create classic and server applications for Windows, and its functionality is based on working with multimedia.

Among the list of installed programs on a computer, you can find various versions of the application, and it is not for nothing - Microsoft Visual C++ ensures the normal functioning of the computer and the possibility of timely software updates. The application versions are updated every year, and the improved core allows the user to independently develop programs, relying on the programming language already "laid out" in Microsoft Visual C++.

Installation and Launch

Personally, there is no need to install the program on a computer - Microsoft Visual C++ is already included as a standard on the device and connected by default. However, there are cases when a computer loses half of its standard assistant applications after a virus attack.

To reinstall the program, you need to download "Visual Studio" and install the necessary components. Before starting the installation, it is recommended for each user to check the computer for compliance with the system requirements, apply the latest Windows updates, and restart the device.

Next, Microsoft Visual C++ can be downloaded from the official website, paying attention to the current year of the program (it is improved in every season, so there is no point in downloading the program from the previous year). The downloaded installer on the computer must be correctly launched - the user first confirms the services of the license agreement, then selects the workload in the "Development of classic applications" section. Once all the formalities are complied with (selecting individual functioning components and additional loading of language packs), Microsoft Visual C++ can be launched.

Microsoft Visual C++ evokes conflicting statements from programmers, novice users, and developers. What is important is that the program is a standard way to independently write any operating system, and this is considered an advantage that none of the analog programs have overshadowed.

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