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GitHub is a popular platform for developers. What is the reason for its great popularity and what disadvantages have users identified?


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Pros and Cons

  • A free plan that has virtually no restrictions for the user
  • open source license
  • Allowed to self-host on any plan
  • The platform is perfectly integrated with Git
  • The only drawback of the GitHub platform is the slower interface when compared to more modernized competitors. In addition, users have noticed several major problems with repositories

More about GitHub

There are a large number of services and resources on the Internet for placing the source codes of users' projects. However, the GitHub service has gained great popularity and publicity around the world. What is the reason for the popularity of the program and what benefits are presented to it-professionals?

It is not difficult to guess that the main factor that influenced the increasing popularity of GitHub - is well-known all over the world developer (Microsoft), thanks to which users give more preference to this service, which is based on a greater degree of trust. However, an important factor - the benefits of using, as well as the capabilities of the developed platform.

What is GitHub and how do its users use it?

GitHub - an optimized cloud platform for hosting IT-projects, as well as joint development by several users. The predecessor of the service is the previously known Git system and a full-fledged social network for developers.

On the open spaces of GitHub you can find a large number of open-source projects in different languages, as well as personally participate in them. To take part, you need to place a portfolio of the system user, which will show examples of codes. The service allows you to pick up unusual architectural solutions, watch the codes written by experienced developers, as well as install a large number of free tools to help with development. In addition, some experienced developers have learned to create their own library of books and articles.

GitHub - a service that is used by many modern it-companies, which is associated with a large number of advantages and features of the platform.

In spite of the fact that the platform was based on the past version of Git, it has received many upgrades and improvements.

Now we suggest exploring the advantages and possible disadvantages of the platform in more detail.

You can install the service GitHub using ODVme.com, where the official download link is provided.

Using GitHub - you get quality functionality and a large number of opportunities for the development of projects in the it-sphere.

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