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Almost every user who has not only a personal computer but also a smartphone is familiar with the concept of Java. But few people know that Java is not just an extension for software or a way to comfortably spend time playing games, but a fully-fledged programming language that allows for working with corporate software.


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Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • creation of the majority of mobile applications;
  • development of a wide range of web applications;
  • targeted work on corporate software;
  • game development;
  • development of systems for smart things and smart technologies;
  • The purely universal Java language is used in many industries and operating systems;
  • the simplicity of learning Java is the first step for a future programmer in mastering codes;
  • Java has support in the form of introductory trainings and online communities that will guide newcomers on how to properly manage the program.
  • Low performance in certain cases and slow operation;
  • Problems with the graphical interface that arise in some cases;
  • Lack of data backup capability;
  • Significant use of device memory;
  • Bulky and heavy code;
  • The commercial version of Java is only available for a fee.

More about Java

The functionality of Java is based on the principle of "Write once, run anywhere" - Java code can be transferred from one device to another, without the need to reflash the device completely. Java not only works on multiple platforms, but also easily installs on any operating system. The object-oriented nature of Java facilitates the organization of personal code around software classes and objects.

The potential of Java lies in the universality of this program - it trains potential programmers in writing software code and even small applications. Java is an invaluable helper in the field of coding research. A person who has learned to work with the program discovers the possibilities of creating mobile and web applications, distributed and cloud games.

Java is characterized by its stability, which is what programmers gravitate towards - regular updates and bug fixes are among the advantages of the functionality of this program, whose presence on a device is indispensable by any analog.

Java simplifies the art of programming, in a short period of time the program is capable of increasing confidence in software code even for beginners. The object-oriented approach to programming opens up wide horizons, and Java safely simplifies the learning process, transfers its code from one device to another, and also supports multithreading.

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