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MP Codec Pack is an advanced data acquisition device for performing physical measurements and sensor signal processing. It has plug-ins designed to extend its capabilities. Decompressors for file compression are connected to the application. The device allows you to quickly find the appropriate types of translations, disable or enable subtitles, and control the extraction of audio tracks. To exclude accidental loss of DivX, Xvid data the program has provided automatic volume control. The version is licensed and available for free download in English. The application is made in the form of an installer with different component selection functions.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Helps play 99.9% of media files, along with XCD, VCD, SVCD, and DVD formats
  • Package installations contain ten built-in utilities to customize audio, video formats
  • Modern codec filters for quality playback
  • Codec pack that is easy to install
  • Auxiliary tools for working with video and audio files
  • Video files can be opened in different players
  • Excellent optimization with Windows Media Player
  • Support for Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as XP, Vista
  • Unstable operation in the presence of other codecs on the PC

More about Media Player Codec Pack

Media Player Codec Pack includes converters designed to bring your audio track, video track to a high level.

Supports ATRAC3, MTM, OFR, Vorbis, TTA, APE, AVI, DivX, DAT, h.264, AVC, MO3, FLV, FLAC, all kinds of MPEG, 3GP, AC3, all kinds ofMP, PMRS, Nero Digital, DTS, MOD, 3ivx, MKV, MKA, VOB, WavPack, XM, WV, UMX, XviD, OGM.

Audio-CD, VCD and XCD, DVD playback is also available. Many programs with specific functions are built in:

  • LAV Video decoder allows you to digitize audio and work with subtitles;
  • DirectVobSub filter for showing subtitles;
  • Lagarith is a video codec for video compression, reduction and most importantly, without loss of quality;
  • Lame MP3 allows you to process files into a user-defined format;
  • splitter to play files with the extension mkv and to access video subtitles. It also supports TS, MP4, AVI, OGG.
  • Core Wave Pack extension decodes the standard format of audio files, separates and filters them;
  • Flash Video Splitter is designed to play videos from Flash.

It should be noted that the application has advanced converters for correct viewing, allowing you to play videos in all available players. The developers have built into the application programs that help to configure the equipment, the operating system and perform the necessary actions for a comfortable work.

Notably, you can now open formats such as SVCD, XCD, VCD, which are rarely used, but many users work in these formats.

In conclusion I would like to say that MPC Pack is an application for comfortable work on any media: tablet, computer, laptop. The more that the program supports all formats of audio and video files. Conveniently, the application is compatible with Windows Media Player. Free and quick to download and install.

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