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Agree that everyone loves to watch movies: it doesn't matter if they are fiction, sci-fi, documentary or animated. It makes no sense to wait for your favorite programs or TV series to be on the air - they will either be scrolled through in an eternity, or not shown at all.

That's why anyone needs an appropriate set of codecs for proper playback on a home PC, which are contained in special programs. Today we will look at one of these: Combined Community Codec Pack or, for short, USSR.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Fixing the most significant problems caused by codec set conflicts
  • Providing a standard for video playback for the anime community
  • Playing most common media formats
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Plays the absolute majority of popular audio and video formats
  • Contains popular media players Media Player Classic HomeCinema and ZoomPlayer Free
  • Available in various subtitle formats.
  • Contains ffdshow media decoder, DirectShow filters, Haali Media Splitter and FLV Splitter
  • Components are chosen so that there are no conflicts between them
  • Some formats are not connected by default - manual connection required
  • Does not include encoders
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems only

More about CCCP: Combined Community Codec Pack

CCCP ( or Combined Community Codec Pack) is ideal for home watching videos and listening to your favorite audio on your personal computer. Let's evaluate the full potential of the USSR software in order:

  • The set of codecs in USSR is minimal, which avoids problems caused by conflicting incompatible filter compounds (because support for "extra" codecs is simply disabled).
  • Simply put, it deals with all popular and in-demand multimedia formats.
  • Because of the previous point, the USSR (aka Combined Community Codec Pack) lacks support for the less popular RealMedia .rm .rmvb and QuickTime .qt .mov .
  • A big plus to the karma of this software is support for the Russian language, so to understand it will not be a problem.
  • Of the positive aspects, it is also worth noting that the installation of the USSR is not demanding, easy to install on any version of Windows, after installation does not take up much space and is as easy to remove as installed.
  • Combined Community Codec Pack can not encrypt, its task is precisely to decode the record.
  • Assembly of the USSR software is made quite accurately, the focus on the user is very noticeable: everything is made very simple and clear. There are no superfluous elements in software.
  • Of the distinctive features of Combined Community Codec Pack is the ability to adequately play anime with subtitles, which can not fail to please fans of the genre.
  • The USSR already contains Media Player Classic Home Cinema and ZoomPlayer Free players. This saves the user the trouble of finding and installing convenient players.
  • Updates this software does not torture, so for fans of "install and forget" will suit just fine.

Thus, Combined Community Codec Pack is the ideal codec pack for the average user. The USSR is absolutely universal and will be suitable for both advanced and novice less experienced users-it leaves a pleasant impression.

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