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You can't imagine a modern computer without the ability to play media files. Many movies and audio tracks are required by today's users not only for entertainment, but also for work or study. To play files without jerks or stuttering, additional software must be installed. 


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • A very simple process to install the Divx package
  • Divx is available to download for free
  • Playback of high definition video, audio content and sound, respectively
  • Compatible with the older but still popular Windows XP
  • All known extensions are supported
  • Possesses an option to transfer video files to game consoles
  • Playback divx, avi, mkv, mp4 in high quality
  • Playback features audio tracks with subtitles.
  • Fast enough to play files
  • The program is only compatible with Windows and Mac OS

More about DivX Codec Pack

DivX Codec Pack is a universal codec pack for working with media files. Interacting with the splitter that separates the contents of the media container into separate constituent parts, it converts the digital signal to analog. It is codecs that decompress separated streams and enable playback of video and audio files.

Basic features

The DivX Codec Pack includes a number of software elements in the following categories:

  • DivX DirectShow Filters;
  • DivX Codec;
  • DivX Plus Media Foundation Components;
  • DivX Video for Windows Codec.

All the components of the package work efficiently even on weak computers. During the installation you can choose a number of options at your discretion. The software works on Windows OS or Mac OS. Older versions of operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows Vista are supported.

The main features of DivX Codec Pack software include the following:

  • Smooth video playback, including high definition. This is possible thanks to DXVA hardware support.
  • Connecting subtitles regardless of whether the player used has such a function.
  • Capability to take screenshots.
  • Availability of streaming video.
  • Smoothing and improving quality of any video file.
  • Integration with any modern media players, as well as the ability to play files through the built-in player.
  • File transfer to game consoles and other game consoles.
  • Blu-ray disc playback.
  • Additional audio tracks.

Reducing CPU load is a very useful feature of this codec pack. By transferring a number of tasks on the processor graphics cards, DivX Codec Pack makes available playback of Full HD files practically without stuttering, even on weak machines.

The main advantage of DivX Codec Pack - free distribution. The developers do not offer any paid subscriptions and do not impose restrictions on free use of their product. At the same time, the software package is regularly upgraded and updated. The low weight of the distribution package and fast installation with the ability to choose the parameters of the software are no less important pluses.

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