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One of the most interesting programs to help you manage your PC's algorithms is PowerOff. This utility conceals not just a "timer button" for your computer, but a whole set of programmable commands to make your device easier to use.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Automatic computer shutdown by timer, time and schedule
  • Winamp, CPU, Internet - dependent timer
  • Built-in diary
  • Program management by hot keys
  • Built-in task scheduler
  • Making screenshots of screen after specified time
  • Autorun at the same time with Windows
  • Disconnect network connection
  • Remote shutdown of another computer, send command via network

More about PowerOff

First, we should highlight the number of functions that fit into a utility weighing less than 1MB. PowerOff, with its uncomplicated design and small weight, allows:

  • create a customizable weekly algorithm schedule (more than 20 available commands to choose from);
  • manage hotkeys, the configuration of which covers computer control, screen saver, monitor switch-on, keyboard lock, music player control, etc.;
  • create a calendar with its own schedule: each event will remind you of itself, as in the standard virtual diary;
  • set timers not only for time, but also for CPU load, amount of downloaded Internet traffic or tracks played by WinAmp.

Separate mention is available "Scheduler" function, which allows you to fine-tune up to 6 macros with timed activation. You can run almost any task, at any available time: you can set the execution time, additional time, hotkey and startup parameters.

PowerOff has its own log - all process details are recorded. If something does not suit the user in the execution of the command, he can always check the logs and correct the necessary parameters to his needs.

Thus, PowerOff is a whole multifunctional complex of different commands, simplifying the work with the computer. A huge range of functions does not load the processor and works steadily in all conditions.

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