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This utility has a minimal set of functions. In the interface, when you start the program, you will see only two sections: "Properties" and "Mail". In the first one you configure the shutdown, reboot and logout at your convenience. The second section allows you to send pending emails.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Hidden computer switch
  • Shutdown and restart your computer at required time intervals
  • You can download the program for free
  • Built-in power management system GOWAY for Windows
  • GOWAY can run in background mode
  • Accessible and intuitive interface
  • Additional settings for sending emails at the time you need them
  • Lack of various options and functionalities of the program
  • The developer is not responsible for any damage to the PC operating system during installation

More about GOWAY

Are you going to watch a movie on your computer or laptop and you like to fall asleep while the movie is playing. In this case, the GOWAY app will help you. To avoid getting up to manually turn off your device, use the appropriate function in this utility. Select the time interval after which the movie will end and check the "Shutdown" box in the "Properties" section, click "Start" and enjoy watching the movie.

Is your child spending too much time at the computer or laptop? The "Logout" feature will help you monitor the time he spends at the desktop device. Put a password on the account your child uses to log in when he plays, enter the password. But if it is important to you that his time spent on the computer was limited to an hour or two, then just select the appropriate period of time and put a check in the box "Logout" in the "Properties" and click "Start", then the child will be left with no choice.

If your computer gets bored with its notifications about new system updates, but you can't get around to installing them, then two functions of this program will help you. Before you go to sleep, set a delayed system shutdown and reboot so that the first thing you do is reboot, and an hour or two after that, the shutdown occurs. To do this, select the appropriate time and check the box "Reboot" under "Properties", then do the same algorithm with the function "Shutdown", setting the time two hours later. This way, when you wake up, the updates will be automatically installed and you won't have to waste your precious time.

You're going to send an email in a day or two, but you're afraid you'll forget about it. There's an option in Mail to send delayed emails. Just enter the message test and the recipient's email and choose the time you want. If you doubt whether a message will be delivered, there's a "Test Send Mail" feature for you. Especially convenient delayed sending becomes when you need to send a regular message once a day or a week.

The program works in the background. You can set the exact time according to your time zone as well as specify the interval after which the device will be switched off or reloaded.

There is a limited selection of functions in the program so that it is easy and intuitive to understand the interface. After all, a small set of functions allows the user not to be distracted by extraneous features and focus on the main

The utility is great for anyone who sometimes forgets to turn off their computer or laptop before going to sleep or send an important message.

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