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Switch Off is a program whose main function is to shut down the computer at a user-specified time. Shutdown parameters can be set manually: time (you can select it separately depending on the day of the week or by timer), conditions (closed all or only the specified programs, terminated all current processes). You can also set conditions for Internet traffic limitation (e.g. exceeding a daily limit set by the user, exceeding a monthly limit, etc.). The utility allows you to automate simple processes and relieves the user from their personal control.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Automatically shutting down or rebooting the computer
  • Disconnection of modem or VPN connection
  • System lock
  • Built-in mini HTTP Server - allows to manage the utility remotely from another computer
  • Intuitive interface with professional features
  • WAP support
  • Can be launched as a system service
  • Command line support (including timer settings)
  • User commands (scripts)

More about Switch Off

Switch Off offers the following features:

  • automatic computer shutdown according to user-defined settings (one-time or on a built in schedule - depending on the day of the week, power on time, other calendar data);
  • timer-controlled shutdown;
  • selection of other automatic actions (sleep mode, hibernation mode, lock, logout, reboot);
  • notification before an action is performed (if necessary, it can be postponed or canceled);
  • customizable traffic limitation to save traffic;
  • control of Windows accounts;
  • switch Off program control from the phone, provided that the access is open in advance;
  • turning on the computer at a preset time;
  • configurable auto-restart;
  • disconnect modem or VPN when traffic limit is exceeded;
  • power-saving calculator;
  • ability to configure and save user settings.

Switch Off is a utility for automating computer management. It saves you from having to turn your device off and on manually, wait for it to boot up, monitor the traffic you use, and keep track of the time you spend with your monitor. Due to its lightweight and low resource consumption, Switch Off can be used even on the weakest and oldest devices without losing efficiency.

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