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The Thunderbird service is not just a single launcher for all the email accounts you have. Rather, the client is more of a single space for dealing with messages wherever they originally came from. You can add anything - email or online chat - to its menu, and then receive messages directly into the Thunderbird client. You don't need to keep your original accounts open for this - you don't need to log in to them at all, just give you access.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Good spam filter
  • Easy to import contacts and emails
  • Handles virtual identifiers
  • Lots of extensions
  • Strong encryption and certificate support
  • Calendar must be loaded separately

  • The message display function of the conversation style must be loaded separately

More about Thunderbird

Thunderbird places great emphasis on privacy. Using the service, you can be assured that your data is safe. If you follow the rules of the user agreement and don't voluntarily give information to anyone to get out, you won't be hacked.

In addition to protection against intentional penetration of your personal data, the service also provides passive protection. Anti-spam from the client ensures that all suspicious emails are automatically screened out - you won't have to waste time on them. A trained algorithm is responsible for sorting, and it works by default. If the system doesn't pass any email you want, you can change some parameters manually.

Advantages of the email client:

  1. Convenient and simple interface. Thunderbird was released in the days of minimalist design and the basic interface features have remained conceptually the same in subsequent versions, undergoing minimal qualitative changes. If you are annoyed by the large amount of details that only slow you down, this is the client for you.
  2. A separate window. Thunderbird opens in a separate window, so the client has its own tabs inside - like a mini-browser.
  3. That's great when you're dealing with multiple emails or chats-no minimizing and switching, just using the adjacent tabs.
    Filters. One of Thunderbird's top features is a variety of filters that let you sort your mail and your inbox however you want. They allow you to arrange emails by importance, category, completeness, or any other criteria that helps you sort your inbox.
  4. Extensions. Thunderbird has a number of extensions of its own. Basically, these extensions contain useful filters that optimize your email experience even more. By installing additional features, your email client's capabilities can be doubled.

The service also supports multi-accounts, which are easy to switch between, so you can concentrate all your activities in one client. Once you understand the functionality, you can keep your work/study and personal correspondence in Thunderbird at the same time without losing a second of your personal time.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the client can become your main tool for work - this is facilitated by fine-tuning to suit the individual needs of each user. You can get the perfect configuration even with the basic setup, without the use of extensions.

You should try Thunderbird if you:

  • prefer not to waste time authorizing and opening multiple email services and online chats at once;
  • want to save as much time as possible from your workflow;
  • like to keep all your information in one place;
  • always sort emails according to your own criteria.

With Thunderbird, your work will always be organized and protected from forgetfulness and inattention - that's what the service is all about.

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