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Now email is incredibly popular. It is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Many of them have several mailboxes at once. To make it easier to work with them, e-mail clients were invented, with the help of which you can manage all your mailboxes simultaneously.

In mail client programs, you can send and receive emails, create drafts, do mailings, and work with attached files. You can sort your emails into different folders for convenience. You can also quickly switch between your emails.

Mail clients are very convenient to use, they make your work easier and save your time.

Mail clients maximize protection of your device from various spam and have reliable anti-virus scanning in their functionality. For the convenience of users of the programs there is a setting to copy messages from other boxes, provides an organizer function with the scheduling of important events and receiving notifications, as well as the optimal setting of the address book.

Check out our selection of email clients and choose the best option for you! Take a step toward getting rid of your email clutter.

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Zimbra open-source software platform offers a well-organized process of working with the mail server, also for a significant number of users. The utility is designed for technical devices that use the Windows operating system, and in terms of its functionality it is a real competitor to such well-known products as Outlook and Exchange.


    • Easily create, edit, delete and send emails
    • Add an electronic signature for each account
    • Import contacts from other applications or CSV files
    • Quickly search for photos, documents and attachments
    • Save photos automatically
    • Browsing the web from a client

Convenient e-mail program Outlook Express contains both basic functionality for sending and receiving e-mails and additional options for advanced setup and operation. Simple installation and detailed help information will help you quickly navigate to the right tools for your work.


    • Quickly set up an incoming and outgoing mail server
    • Allows you to specify important events with a calendar
    • Saves file attachments on your computer's hard drive

Spark is really the perfect email client for the perfectionist. The main reason is that the client allows you to completely clear your inbox. You receive an email, read it, and immediately determine for yourself where to direct it - up to and including deleting it. This is convenient and prevents the situation where you have a clogged inbox and don't know what to do with a huge amount of emails.


    • Simple and straightforward interface
    • Allows you to easily categorize certain emails based on subject or its importance
    • Receive push notifications
    • Use voice chat
    • Edit notes and make task lists


    • There is no default format when composing emails

Multifunctional program Microsoft Outlook provides the user not only the mail client features, but also the most useful tools for organizing the work process, including a multi-user option.


    • Low system requirements
    • Hotkey management
    • Allows attaching files of any format
    • Ability to work with most popular email services
    • Pre-notifications about appointments, events and meetings

A mail client is a generalized place to work online, which can be conventionally compared to a personal desk in the office. There are plenty of such services, but the eM Client stands out as simple, functional and very convenient, which contains not only an interface for interacting with email, but also other widgets that simplify daily time management.


    • You can secure an almost unlimited number of email addresses
    • There is protection from advertising garbage and malware.
    • Lots of extra features
    • S/MIME content encryption technology support


    • In the free version you can specify only two addresses

The Bat! mail client is able not only to provide all the necessary functionality for working with email messages, but also to ensure maximum security during data transfer. The developers paid special attention to ensuring full confidentiality of correspondence and protection of user personal data.


    • Large volume mail bases
    • Password protection for messages
    • Email backup
    • High quality virus protection
    • Support for 17 languages


    • Opening of new, completely unnecessary windows
    • Context functions are awkwardly distributed

The Thunderbird service is not just a single launcher for all the email accounts you have. Rather, the client is more of a single space for dealing with messages wherever they originally came from. You can add anything - email or online chat - to its menu, and then receive messages directly into the Thunderbird client. You don't need to keep your original accounts open for this - you don't need to log in to them at all, just give you access.


    • Good spam filter
    • Easy to import contacts and emails
    • Handles virtual identifiers
    • Lots of extensions
    • Strong encryption and certificate support


    • Calendar must be loaded separately

    • The message display function of the conversation style must be loaded separately

The modern and technologically advanced mail software Postbox includes a variety of functions for communicating with emails. The program is based on the well-known Mozilla Thunderbird platform and combines both familiar working tools and improved options.


    • Multi-criteria search
    • Web integration
    • Group messages by subject and quick email
    • Ability to save messages, or change them as needed
    • Create a to-do list
    • Security services that update every 30 minutes

Modern messengers allow fast communication between users, but with the help of e-mail the exchange of official letters when registering on the official sites of online stores and various applications, as well as the transfer of bulk files. An ordinary user has several mail accounts, which makes working with them not convenient, but such software as Mailbird allows you to quickly organize and combine the process of sending and receiving e-mails from different mailboxes.


    • Efficient and reliable email client
    • Regular updates
    • Original interface design
    • Full privacy for incoming and outgoing mail
    • Easily see your Facebook news feed and communicate with friends on the social network
    • Create and edit notes

SeaMonkey mail program is a part of the browser with the same name, and the functionality includes only all the necessary working tools for quick work with emails.


    • Has a built-in Internet browser, as well as a mail client and address book
    • Working in the browser without "hangs" and "crashes
    • Login to sites requiring authorization without extra confirmations
    • Customize email notifications
    • Organize contacts


    • Many Mozilla extensions are not available

    • No support for cloud services