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A mail client is a generalized place to work online, which can be conventionally compared to a personal desk in the office. There are plenty of such services, but the eM Client stands out as simple, functional and very convenient, which contains not only an interface for interacting with email, but also other widgets that simplify daily time management.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • You can secure an almost unlimited number of email addresses
  • There is protection from advertising garbage and malware.
  • Lots of extra features
  • S/MIME content encryption technology support
  • In the free version you can specify only two addresses

More about eM Client

Even if you use the eM Client not for work, but to synchronize your personal correspondence and sort important emails for later storage, its functionality will stand out significantly. The service is customizable through a number of deep options, but if you do not have time and there is no particular need to do this, there is a default version of the client - it satisfies the needs of any average user.

The eM Client tries to gather everything you need to work or communicate online. Here you can synchronize emails and contacts, attach a calendar and various auxiliary functions for writing emails like ready-made templates. With equal success with the help of the service you can conduct business correspondence or just structure for yourself everything that comes into the box.

Advantages of the client:

  1. Security of your data. You can safely conduct business via the eM Client - the service uses an encryption system, so your data can not be accessed by intruders. If standard security measures are not enough for you, there is an encrypted connection - use it when sending particularly important materials.
  2. Easy on the details. It has everything you need to speed up and simplify your work with outgoing emails. For example, there are several up-to-date templates for letters - used in official and semi-official correspondence. There is also a spell checker added, just like in a text editor.
  3. Handy contact book. Get all your contacts in one place. Not only will your inbox come to eM Client, but you'll be able to contact all your contacts from one place. It's very convenient, because you do not need to remember what e-mail is "tied" to a particular contact.
  4. Multi-accounts. Available only in the paid version (in the free version you can add only two). The more mailboxes you add, the easier it will be to control your own online activity.
  5. Time management features. If you want to organize your time better, additional features in eM Client will be great helpers. The most noteworthy feature is the customizable calendar, which will not let you forget about important events.

The eM Client is compatible with virtually all services and is still supported by developers. The client gained its main popularity for its minimalistic design and presence of only the essentials on the screen.

If you need a specific email that was sent or received several months ago, you don't have to remember the date and search for it manually. There is a quick and accurate search for that.

You should try eM Client if you:

  • appreciate the multitasking nature of email clients;
  • are ready to pay for the services to get the full functionality;
  • looking for the best tool for time management and mail sorting;
  • do not like the mess in your "mailbox" and prefer to sort your mail for future use;
  • want to send data via a secure channel;
  • plan to collect all your work, personal life and other contacts in one place.

For an employee of a company, private entrepreneur or manager on a remote basis eM Client will suit you best, because it is simple and functional at the same time.

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