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Tor Browser is a browser that does not access the Internet directly, but rather runs through a network of encrypted relay nodes. This makes it one of the most reliable tools for maintaining anonymity, avoiding hacker attacks, or accessing content that is banned in your country by censors.


Pros and Cons

  • Provides the ability to download Tor Browser in Russian
  • No special settings required - ready to use after launch
  • Allows access to forbidden sites
  • Guarantees privacy on the web
  • Tor Browser runs without installing (including flash drive or memory card)
  • Slow web page loading

More about Tor Browser

With the Tor Browser you can:

  • View sites located in the pseudo-domain onion. With regular browsers can not access them at all (or you will need to install an additional plugin to work with the Tor network).
  • To be anonymous on the network. Services of any site can only detect the fact of using Tor Browser - and no more.
  • Neither IP, nor type of equipment, nor any other personal data is not reported. The browser itself doesn't have any tracking capabilities and doesn't store any information about the user between runs.
  • Bypass Internet censorship. Even if your ISP blocks access to a particular site, it is always available on the Tor Browser.
  • Bypass proxy or firewall restrictions for a specific device.
  • Adjust your own level of security. Tor Browser allows you to set intermediate access (for example, if the use of this browser itself is not allowed in your country), set manual permissions for sites.
  • Use the browser without installing it on your computer. You can write it to a flash drive and activate it from there. Thanks to this feature means of anonymous access will be available on any device.

In all other respects, the functionality of Tor Browser is almost the same as that of any other Internet browser.

However, this browser has disadvantages:

  • Slow loading. This is due to the fact that each data packet is run through a chain of repeaters, where the "onion routing" occurs, that is, consecutive encryption-decryption with the removal of the top layer of encryption (like scales from an onion, hence the name). Despite the evolution of the web, the Tor Browser is still slower than any other program that provides access to the Internet. This is especially noticeable the first time you connect, when a chain of relay nodes is created. There is no way to avoid this: "onion routing" is the backbone of the system, and without it, the browser will not have all its advantages.
  • There is no possibility to use UDP, so there will be problems with torrents or, for example, online browser games.
    On many sites, the output nodes of this network are initially blacklisted: anonymity attracts vandals. So don't be surprised if you see a "404" message when you open the site. To bypass this restriction, you will need to configure bridges or use VPN-services.
  • There is no complete anonymity: the administrators of the intermediate hosts may well track your request. However, even they can't know your real IP-address. Thus, it is possible to find out what information was searched on the Internet, but not who exactly was looking for it. The system is invulnerable in this case.

Thus, Tor Browser - a modern and reliable tool for bypassing blockades and connecting to sites originally designed to use the Tor network. The anonymity it provides is not perfect, but in most cases it is enough to avoid unwanted attention to your search history.

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