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As the needs of online users grow, so does the software, and the speed and reliability of the search engine determines the productivity of the online workflow. The Mozilla Firefox browser is constantly updating and improving its functionality, while remaining one of the fastest and safest search engines.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Fast page loading
  • Support for tabs, managing, reorganizing, saving
  • Convenient bookmark panel, site tags, library
  • Handy password manager
  • User privacy for private browsing
  • Ability to clean navigation history, cookies, web forms data, passwords
  • Screenshot tool
  • Fully scalable web pages
  • RSS reader support
  • From time to time, after an update, some applications stop working

More about Mozilla Firefox

Browser features:

  • clear user interface with a smart bar that combines search and address options, there is a drop-down menu to select frequently used buttons;
  • modern security protocols allow to block a large number of online trackers while maintaining a high-speed mode of operation;
  • instant transition to private mode of operation;
  • function to select the type of search engine according to the user's preference;
  • creation of a personal collection of selected tabs, which are then combined into selected groups by subject or other properties;
  • availability of light and dark theme for easy browsing at night;
  • option of screenshot in the context menu;
  • the ability to quickly save a web page in its entirety, including images, text and video;
  • support for 3D technology if the user has the necessary accessories;
  • additional anti-tracking protection and an option to automatically clear all browsing pages;
  • Firefox Sync storage is available to synchronize passwords, links, bank cards details and payment systems;
  • low consumption of resources of the user's device and adaptation to different versions of the operating system Windows;
  • open source code and continuous updates to meet all modern web requirements;
  • built-in help system for the convenience of the user.

Mozilla Firefox browser provides convenient working tools for fast and productive work on the web for users of different levels.

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