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Brave is a fast, private browser that does not load your computer's operating system. There is no cache storage, and session data are not archived. Installing Brave eliminates identity theft, malware, and statistical analysis of user data. In addition, Brave allows you to earn money by surfing sites, as well as use the internal payment system Brave Payments.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Free distribution of the product
  • Supports two dozens of search engines with hotkeys to switch between them
  • Scaling elements of the browser
  • Possibility of private tabs creation, including those using TOR technology
  • Import of data from other browsers
  • Built-in password manager for your choice
  • Popular extensions and Brave Payments support
  • Advanced security settings
  • No VPN extensions out of the box
  • No built-in design themes

More about Brave

Brave Browser is a feature-rich web browser that supports flexible customization of functions for individual needs. The search engine is available for Windows 7, 8, 10 users of all bit sizes. The language of the installation is configured when unpacking the file (multilanguage).

Extended customization

Customization involves a number of useful features for convenient surfing.


  • import of bookmarks from the old browser;
  • built-in web-torrent;
  • saving data in the password manager;
  • setting fonts and page scale;
  • autochanging screensavers;
  • specifying a search engine from a list;
  • turning on night view mode;
  • blocking the content of social networks;
  • synchronization of the desktop version with the mobile version on different devices.

The search engine interface is a conventional user interface with a quick access bar, bookmarks and a built-in Chrome Store extensions. To fully customize the browser, just download the desired application from the cloud and activate it in 1 click.

Anonymous web surfing

Brave Browser saves you the trouble of clearing cache and junk ads and prevents spyware from intercepting your data.

The search engine initiates a forced connection to the secure https protocol. Sites without such a connection are blocked, as are URLs containing malicious codes, trackers.

When the link is loaded, advertising banners are displayed as empty boxes, and on the start menu bar the user can see statistics showing the number of trackers blocked as well as the megabytes saved.

Privacy features:

  • Ad blocker.
  • Built-in TOR.
  • Ability to connect Proxy or VPN via Chrome Store.
  • Change search engine with private search (DuckDuckGo, etc.).
  • Automatic deletion of browsing history after each session.

Privacy features are designed not only to save traffic, but also anonymity online.

Online earning

The developers of Brave have created an internal payment system Brave Rewards, through which each user can get rewarded for viewing sponsored ads or media content.

In the first case, earning is possible after setting up the Brave Ads feature. The display of ads is adapted to the user's interests in accordance with the selected topics. Built-in filters limit the frequency of viewing up to 5 ads per hour.

In the second case, earnings are made on the passive. The Brave Payments option involves receiving "tips" from those users who found the content interesting. The Brave Payments system allows to transfer money to the authors of Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, Twitch, GitHub, and also to "support" sites that use the BAT cryptocurrency.

All payments are made using the built-in cryptocurrency wallet Brave Wallet based on Etherium, which allows not only to send earned ETH/NFT tokens, but also to spend them on paid subscriptions, the purchase of gift cards. The user can also exchange BAT for other cryptocurrencies in the Uphold service.

Brave Search is a secure browser that does not track users' actions and does not collect personal information for advertising purposes. The browsing history is only accessible from the user's device because the web connection is serverless and with enforced end-to-end encryption by the "device - search engine/site services" scheme. Installation of the program is recommended in order to improve network privacy and PC performance.

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