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Xeoma is an advanced video surveillance program. It streams and records images and sound from webcams, surveillance cameras, IP cameras, and public cameras from around the world. The application offers a multi-server/client based architecture, provides remote access (including via mobile devices), allows you to capture audio/video from multiple cameras simultaneously, supports motion detection, and informs about specific events with notifications.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Clear and user-friendly interface
  • Supports any brand of ip camera
  • Can be installed on any OC, even different Linux versions
  • Instant start
  • Xeoma not only recognizes human and animal, but also smoke, license plates and other video details
  • The service of the tech support is not very good

More about Xeoma

Xeoma is a video surveillance system with intuitive interface and flexible graphics. It supports any IP and web-cameras (including WiFi cameras) and Internet-cameras. Handy archive works in cyclic mode (old recordings are gradually deleted). You can use the built-in player to view the archived video with sound. Remote access allows you to manage the system online. A built-in motion detector allows you to set up a video surveillance system to protect your home or office. If you want to monitor only during daylight hours, use day detector.

Xeoma is compatible with touch screen. Users can operate the program with one finger. The program does not require installation and administrator rights. It can start working immediately after downloading with default settings. Typical applications include video surveillance of your home and business, watching your child play or sleep, monitoring the activities of your staff, monitoring your car and other valuables, use as a perimeter security system, monitoring your babysitter and more.

The program can operate in three modes:

  1. Free mode allows you to use any 4 modules, including one source (video or audio), unlimited time and only control the program from the computer where it is installed.
  2. In trial mode, you can use an unlimited number of modules in any combinations. Remote access is also available. The specified settings are valid for 5 hours from the moment they are defined. This will help you experience the flexibility and ease of the program.
  3. Choose commercial mode if 4 modules are not enough or you want to use fully functional version for unlimited time.

Your version of Xeoma will be automatically upgraded to commercial version after you buy any number of additional modules. This mode allows you to use any modules in any combinations. The only limitation is the total number of modules used (4 free plus purchased modules). The program can also be managed online. You save money by buying only the necessary functionality.

The graphic design of the program is modern and elegant, with a great sense of aesthetics. The operation should not cause serious problems even for less advanced users, at least when it comes to using the basic functions. People who can't cope with the correct setup will find the necessary advice on the manufacturer's website in the Support section, as well as in the Help built into the application.

Xeoma is a really interesting monitoring tool and should be appreciated both by private users who need to monitor their homes or cars, for example, and by companies that are looking for a professional solution that makes it easier to protect people and property, as well as to monitor employees.

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