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Axxon Next is a versatile video detection software with a wide range of features. The feasibility of using the software directly depends on the video surveillance system connected to the client. The application is recommended for multi-channel video recording from analog and IP cameras with at least a built-in microphone or connected to audio and other detection sensors.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Flexible system of searching for the desired video in the archive of saved recordings
  • Only moving objects are recorded
  • Axxon Next supports handheld devices and phones, especially the iPhone
  • Convenient settings, software can be configured to respond to each event
  • Axxon Next easily integrates into building security systems
  • Can monitor a specific object among many others
  • You can display many ip-cameras at once, the maximum number of 25
  • The free version is severely limited and is intended for demonstration, not for permanent use

More about Axxon Next

The Axxon Next client is designed for fast, real-time video search. However, some features may also be useful for private use.

Cloud archive

To store footage, you can use not only the power of your computer, but also the Axxon Next server's secure archive. With its help, the user can restore lost data or make a copy of it. The storage capacity is 1TB. For reliability, the archive data can be duplicated to a separate replication server.

Insurance of network storages

In case of software failure Axxon Next loses connection to the server, it starts recording with saving to an internal memory source of NAS type. This can be a computer network drive or camera memory. After the connection is restored, the archive is exported to the cloud.

Guidance system

Axxon Next uses Tag&Track object tracking technology which works only with PTZ cameras. The main viewer finds movement, and the companion focuses and zooms the image without stopping until the object is out of view.

The main camera at this point tracks and plans the shooting path to further capture the scene. The movement of the object triggers the rotation and zooming of other cameras along the intended route. What is happening is displayed on the screen as the main scene.

Capturing faces and license plates

If a person or vehicle is detected, the camera zooms in to capture a face or license plate number. The software includes location analysis and searches for matches on footage that has already been captured. With the help of the technology a selection can be made of the recordings in which certain persons or license plates were recorded.

Remote access

Axxon Next features can be accessed from any device connected to the client on Windows. You can view or make copies of the data from Android/Apple mobile devices, as well as in the web version of the profile. If necessary, a forced capture of the selected location is launched from a third-party device.

Scripts and macros

Automation of video surveillance at the site is possible by setting shooting algorithms. This eliminates the possibility of pointing cameras when there is constant movement in the protected area, when continuous observation of a particular area is required. The user sets the condition for triggering the command and adjusts the parameters of the cameras for the desired angle of view.

Axxon Next interface is in Russian with built-in tips and analytics. You have to pay to use the program. Demo version is valid for 30 days after registration and assumes limited usage of the software. During the trial period, the user has access to all surveillance features except for video archive redundancy, cross-platform client and offline analysis of footage. Axxon Next is compatible with all versions of Windows.

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