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VirtualBox is a popular virtualization tool designed for creating virtual machines that allow users to work with different operating systems on one PC. The program interface has been translated into Russian and is very easy to use. Thanks to VirtualBox, it is possible to run all types of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android, which are indistinguishable from real computers. They have their own processor, memory, hard drive, network adapter, and all other components. VM operating systems behave as if they are running on a real computer. The program was released in 2007 and later acquired by Oracle Corporation.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • The VM is available for free.
  • The interface is intuitive and ideal for beginners.
  • Easy to use, thanks to the graphical user interface - GUI and command line.
  • Comes with an SDK toolkit.
  • Allows for connection of USB devices to virtual machines for direct interaction with them.
  • Supports the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).
  • Simultaneous management of different virtual machines.
  • Extensive support for popular operating systems.
  • Powerful hardware resources are required to simultaneously run multiple operating systems on VMs.
  • Slow performance.
  • Possible freezing on machines with limited memory.
  • The machine has a small amount of memory, only 256 MB of video memory.
  • Supports limited hardware functionality.
  • Does not support DirectX for 3D graphics.

More about VirtualBox

A virtual machine is used:

  • when running applications not supported by the main system;
  • to protect the system from potentially harmful sources and unverified programs;
  • as an additional barrier against viruses while visiting untrusted websites;
  • to create an isolated environment and study malicious software activity;
  • as a testing ground for personal development;
  • to learn networking technologies;
  • for dual authentication on certain gaming portals.

In addition, VMs can also be used for distributing server resources. Convenient use of a virtual machine includes:

  • If the user wants to interrupt their work, they can turn off the computer or switch to another task, while the current state of the machine is preserved. When resuming work, the VM will start from the point where it stopped.
  • VMs allow creating snapshots that allow rolling back to previous configurations. This is especially useful when testing unstable software that encounters critical errors. Unlike the main system, VMs require less disk space, and restoring to a previous state is much faster.
  • There is an option to save or copy the virtual machine as an isolated environment. Later, the user can launch it or copy it to another computer, and the specified configurations will be preserved.
  • VMs and all related data can be easily transferred from one computer to another. Portable VM software stores all information in one file (as a system image) on the host computer. To transfer the virtual machine, it is sufficient to move this file.
  • VMs do not occupy permanent memory and operate in dedicated temporary memory. All actions are recorded in a log, which is cleared at the end of each session.
  • Switching to another operating system does not require rebooting the computer.
  • One device can accommodate multiple VMs with different operating systems.

This program has extensive functionality and allows working on one computer using different tools.

VirtualBox is a powerful tool for improving PC performance with the ability to install additional operating systems, simulating the behavior of a real computer and mobile device. It can be closed or minimized in an additional PC window, create a network between them, and perform current tasks just like in a regular operating system.

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