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MyOffice is a cloud-based office suite produced in Russia. It is an equivalent to MS Office, WPS Office, and similar systems. It includes text and spreadsheet editors, software for working with presentations, email, as well as contacts and calendar. It supports standard text formats of MS Office: doc, docx, as well as ODF and PDF export. The suite is available in mobile, desktop, and web versions.


Date added
Update Date
License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Simple interface;
  • Compatibility with Russian and foreign development products;
  • Compatibility with various operating systems;
  • Availability of "Quick Action Menu";
  • Has all necessary file formats, ability to convert to PDF;
  • There is a free package of programs that can be downloaded from the official website;
  • Wide functionality in the paid version;
  • Works with old MS Office formats;
  • The program is constantly being improved, new features and capabilities are being added.
  • Some users note issues with simultaneously changing the cell borders' color in the table;
  • Not very convenient insertion of formulas and symbols in the text editor;
  • No SmartArt clips and drawings;
  • The advanced package of programs is paid.

More about MyOffice

"MyOffice" can be used for free if you install the "Standard Home Version" package, which includes text and spreadsheet editors. You will need to pay for advanced functionality. The free version can be downloaded from the official "MyOffice" website. The software package is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems, and also supports Linux.

Text Editor

The main functions of the text editor are similar to the functionality of MS Word: you can change and customize fonts, set the size and color, and alignment. You can set the desired paragraph, line spacing, insert bulleted or numbered lists, images, links, and configure the table of contents.

The table constructors are also similar – they allow you to customize the desired dimensions, change the number of columns and rows. In general, all necessary basic functions are available. An additional feature is the presence of the "Quick Actions Menu", which allows you to quickly find the desired command.

The layout is similar to the familiar MS Office design: commands on the panel are grouped by tabs, which are automatically activated when working with a specific element in the text.

Spreadsheet Editor

The spreadsheet editor also has all the necessary basic functionality: working with formulas, charts, and the ability to format cells. You can create a pivot table, insert images, shapes, and links. Like in the text editor, the reviewing mode is supported.

The layout is also similar to the MS Office interface.

Other Programs and Features

The "MyOffice" package is constantly being improved: relatively recently, the ability to open old formats of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents was added, and a smart assistant based on the GigaChat neural network was added. The AI assistant can create and modify documents based on user requests, helps organize tasks, and work with the calendar.

In 2023, functionality was added to increase productivity and convenience of using mobile automated workstations (AWS). The developers also added the ability to forward large files in the email program, similar to GMail. If the attachment size exceeds the allowable limit, the system automatically offers the user to upload files to the MyOffice corporate storage. After uploading, a link is generated, which can be used to download the attachment.

In release 2.6, the developers improved the calendar functionality and added the ability to transfer events from the work calendar to other calendars. Users can immediately view a list of all scheduled events for the day and make necessary edits. Another useful addition is the ability to protect document fragments from editing: individual cells, sheets, or the entire workbook. The content of fragments can also be protected with a password to prevent accidental changes.

In another update of the office package, an electronic signature was added. When attempting to edit a document, the signature becomes invalid.

There are also several other useful functions:

  • the ability to automate routine tasks through add-ins and macros;
  • data visualization, analytical functions;
  • sending invitations by email and quick reply buttons.

Thus, the "MyOffice" package is quite versatile, supports popular file formats, can work with old versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. The package is available for free, including text and spreadsheet editors, which have the necessary basic functionality. "MyOffice" is compatible with software from Russian and foreign developers and can be installed on devices running all popular operating systems, including Linux.

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