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Few users use third-party resources to uninstall programs. But this is wrong. After all, after uninstalling, temporary files and cache and possibly virus files remain after the deleted object. They not only take up unnecessary space on the media, but also damage the entire computer and the operating system. Such files can interfere with other similar utilities. Often an error is displayed on the screen because the file is trying to find the program for which it was needed.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Complete removal of unwanted programs with deletion of file system and registry remnants
  • Monitoring installation of new programs
  • Add/remove programs from autorun
  • Logging, saving all changes
  • Forced Deletion of Programs
  • Force Deletion of several programs in one batch
  • Launch without installing from flash drive on any computer
  • Portable mode. User-friendly interface
  • Quick and powerful uninstaller for removing programs
  • The trial version is valid for 30 days

More about Uninstall Tool

Therefore, in this case, it is worth installing on your computer or laptop a high-quality uninstaller that will help you remove objects and clean up the trash behind them. Uninstall Tool is just such a utility. With its help you can not only remove unnecessary object, but also correctly install the program you need. It has a rather uncomplicated interface that makes the resource simple and easy to use for any user.


This uninstaller gives the user many features that will contribute to the good and fast operation of the device.

  • It removes absolutely all files associated with the deleted program not only from the disk, but also from the computer's registry. In this way, the device will be able to work even faster.
  • Without any problems, the uninstaller works with the operating system monitoring.
  • They complement each other to find all unnecessary files that should be uninstalled.
  • If a message box appears saying that a file cannot be uninstalled, the system will uninstall it itself at the moment when the computer is rebooted.
  • The uninstaller makes the process of uninstalling a utility stop forcibly. This contributes to better CPU performance.
  • At the end of each process, you can see a detailed list of the work done by the uninstaller in the window at the end of each process.
  • The program never uninstalls files and folders that can affect your computer's performance by itself. For this purpose, it sends a permission question to the user to delete them. This ensures a safe operation for the device, which is fully controlled by the user or administrator.
  • This utility can work as a stand-alone uninstaller or as an assistant to the standard built-in program for removing such objects.
  • Deferred uninstallation. Allows you to set up the uninstallation of specific resources and files for any time.
  • You can stop the unfinished process at any time.
  • Monitors your computer when installing new applications and resources. At the same time makes system restore points before and after installation. Thus, if a new program fails, the uninstaller uninstalls it and returns the system to its original state.
  • It allows the user to control the operation of any program in real time and rollback some actions of these programs in case of problems in the system.

Uninstall Tool combines two very important programs: Uninstall Wizard and Installation Monitor. It helps you understand how individual programs work and monitor all processes on your computer.

It is suitable for all versions of the Windows operating system. It is freely available for download. A big plus is that no payment is required to use all the uninstaller functionality.

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